Chapter 525- Water Avoidance Pearl
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Zhan Yue Chapter 525- Water Avoidance Pearl

Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the name of the grass jumped in front of my eyes--

Flame Soul Grass: Ancient treasure, this grass gathers the flame essence of the world and it will mature every thousand years. After consuming it one’s cultivation can greatly increase and one’s basic attack will increase by 20000 lasting for 5 minutes--



I swallowed my saliva as I looked at the grass. This was a true god medicine and it could actually add attack stats. Moreover, it added basic attack. One must know that my equipment and stats were top of the server and even then I only had 9116-10940 Attack. After eating one of this, my attack would triple for five minutes! What kind of concept was this? Be it fighting players or NPCs, this was a god medicine!

But the moment I walked up, a figure pounced over and slashed with its claws!


I instinctively raised my daggers to block and instantly sparks flew. I was forced back. When I raised my head, I saw a giant wolf that was staring at me and its fur was standing on its ends and it looked like it was furious.

Protector beast!

I frowned and read its stats right away--

Seven Star Flame Wolf (Quasi Legacy Grade Boss)

Level: 125

Attack: 22500-28500

Defence: 16000

Health: 25000000

Skill: Greedy Wolf Claw, Army Breaking Stab, Spirit Flame Whirlpool

Introduction: Seven Star Flame Wolf, a wolf that swallowed the power of the seven stars. It has strong combat strength but in a tribulation, their race suffered a destructive blow. The remaining wolves were taken in by the Sulfur Flame God Hall and became the protector beast of the garden.


Seven Star Flame Wolf, level 125 quasi red boss, its stats were stronger than the Starfire Lions, but under my attacks, they shouldn’t be much.

“Shua shua!”

I raised my hand and both Orange Night and White Bird appeared behind me. I said solemnly, “Attack, end it quick!”


The three of us jumped up. I spread my palm right away and used Muddy Waters!


The level 5 skill had spread to 50 yards and instantly the wolf roared in rage as it lost its sight. Actually, I didn’t have vision too under muddy waters but I could see with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. These two were a perfect match and allowed me to charge in with my daggers. I used Hunter’s Edge+Flames of Karma+ Annihilation and it didn’t even know where I was. It could only slash about but I dodged them all with my movement!

Orange Night and White Bird assisted me with their spears and swords and just like that, we played around with this wolf. The perfect skill combinations didn’t give it much of a chance at all.

It was obvious that this wolf was just easy meat for me but not so for others. For example Lodan and Dong Yuanbai, they definitely had to follow NPC rules. Facing such a strong flame wolf, their chances were quite low. Probably only Li Yang and I had the strength to crush them.

Not long later, along with Seven Star Blade slashing, its throat was sliced open and blood flowed. It was on the verge of death. At that moment, it retreated and knelt down on the ground to beg. At that moment, the old voice spread over, “The protector beast is badly injured. Young man you don’t need to kill it.”

I frowned and looked at the herb, “Sorry, I will just get the herb and not kill the beast.”

I picked up the Flame Soul Grass and then turned around.

In truth, the quasi Legacy Grade Boss should give high experience but there was no need. I was charging into their homes to grab their herbs so forget it, if I killed the protector beast then that was just unreasonable. Moreover, I didn’t lack the experience. Just one event let me +3 in levels. Even if I didn’t change for the next few days no one could exceed me. Moreover, this was a Starlight Grade quest and once I complete I could probably go through my 4th advancement.


I continued forwards to explore the map.

After five minutes, the Darkness Spiritual Ruin started to shake and it sensed a strong killing intent. I hid behind a rock and lowered my aura. I glanced and saw a familiar body-- Li Yang!

He was holding a spiritual grass and the root was like a crystal bean. Zhou Ya was right beside him and he was stepping on a dying Seven Star Flame Wolf.


Zhou Ya smiled, “Senior Brother really is strong, the protector beast is not your match at all!”


Li Yang looked at him and said, “Who is your Senior Brother? I am Elder Dragon’s disciple and have the dragon soul, who are you to be my Junior Brother? Your Master is lying in the cave like a piece of trash!”


Zhou Ya gritted his teeth and felt really awkward.

Li Yang laughed coldly, “Zhou Ya, stop trying to suck up to me, do you think that will work? Let me tell you, I need strong helpers and not suckers. If you had 50% of July Wildfire’s strength I would be happy!”

“Young Master, I… I will work hard!”

“Scoff, since you are diligent, I won’t blame you for it. You can have this!”

He tossed it to Zhou Ya and Zhou Ya was really grateful, “Thank you Your Highness for the gift!”

At that moment, the old man’s voice descended, “Young man since you got the herb then let the Protector Beast go!”


Li Yang laughed and smiled, “Old thing, you are just a wandering soul, what rights do you have to control me? If you tell me not to kill, do I really have to listen? Hahaha---”

He jumped and stomped on the head of the wolf. The entire wolf head was smashed and brains flew in all directions.

After Li Yang merged with the dragon soul, he really was so arrogant. Who knew if it was because of the dragon or if he was like that himself. His respect towards Xuanyuan Yu and Senior Sister Yun previously was probably fake.

Forget it, the heavens will deal with such a person, I shall just avoid him!”


I turned around and went in the opposite direction. I had to speed up, if not even if I found the grass, Xuanyuan Yu would become useless.

After 10 minutes.

I looked forwards and saw a giant being sitting in the mountains. I used the Flame Spiral Eye and saw that it was a boat. The weird thing was that this was a mountain so why would there be a boat? Was this originally an ocean? That wasn’t possible…

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Forget it, head in first, maybe there would be something good.

Under a white cloak state, I was really tense. I headed up carefully and each move was really careful. I also looked out with the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and noticed that there was a ball of blue light. I leaped down but the moment I jumped in, a fire surged at my face.


It was a wandering soul but this was much stronger than those outside. It held a ball of flames and slapped on my chest to deal 90 thousand damage. So terrifying, without transformation I would have nearly gotten insta killed.


I retreated and used Muddy Waters without panicking. The entire ship turned into a chaotic region and mist filled the space. Others couldn’t see anything but with the god eye, I could see clearly. I used Bloodthirst Blade and used a series of skills to heal back up.

I also noticed that this old man was a quasi Legacy Grade boss and he looked really fierce. He tossed our fireballs to attack.

But after I used Flames, his advantage was gone. I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and it was just a boring killing time.

Five minutes later, it cried out and lay on the ground. Its body slowly disappeared and its soul power was gone. He stared and shouted in rage, “I am reluctant… The secret of the ocean… Why would I…. Ahhhh--- I don’t want---”

His body disappeared and I also gained huge experience. A ground of gold also exploded but there was no other item. I turned my attention nearby. After picking up the gold, I picked up the iron box that this soul was guarding but I noticed that I couldn’t open it. I slashed it with the Seven Star Blade and the lock was broken.

I opened it easily and noticed that there was a green pearl inside.

“This is…”

I picked it up and saw its stats--

Water Avoidance Pearl (Level 1 Treasure): After use, allow one to stay in the water and not be affected by waves, moreover, you have resistance against people who use fire spells


It was actually a treasure, so easy to get?

I added it to my list of treasures and smiled so much that I couldn’t close my mouth!

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