Chapter 524- Door of Flames
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Zhan Yue Chapter 524- Door of Flames

Ahead, many tall trees stood in front of us. These trees were too tall and each of them was at least 200 meters. They spread out and connected as one. Our Flying Boat just passed through the cracks and as we went forwards, a shroud of mist covered us.

“Be careful!”

Elder Dragon held his staff and said coldly, “It is Chaos Mist, charge out of it!”

“Yes Elder!”

The elder driving the boat nodded and sped up. Instantly the furnaces at the sides of the boat buzzed and spiritual stones jumped, turning into energy and dust. The boat sped up and just charged. Right away many tentacles slapped at us like there was a prehistoric beast hidden within.


Elder Dragon hollered and raised his staff. Darkness Dragon energy spat out of his body and turned into a darkness god dragon to circle around us. It roared and its aura shattered all the tentacles that attacked us. This process lasted for half a minute. The moment we charged out of the mist, the world ahead turned from morning to night. Many figures appeared and they floated around the boat, some of them tried to get close.

“What… What are these…”

An outer five location disciple trembled and asked.

I looked closely and even activated my Shifang Flame Wheel Eye. I finally saw it. Right ahead of me was a small boy, his face was ashen white and his eyes were left with two black holes. The upper half was his body and the lower half was just white smoke. He just stared at us and made everyone panic.

“It is a wandering soul!”

Senior Sister Yun frowned, “After thousands of years, many people died outside of the god hall. Their souls lived here and they crave flesh and blood, crave a chance to be reborn. Be careful.”

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“They are coming!”

Zhang Xiaoshan said, “Flying Boat charge forwards, everyone prepare to fight, protect the boat through this region and we will reach the entrance. Quick!”

At this point, numerous wandering souls charged over from all directions. Some even screeched and started to attack the boat, causing the shield to buzz and shake.

“Junior Brother be careful!”

After Senior Sister Yun instructed, she turned around and raised her palm. A beautiful phoenix wing spread out in the wind and shattered a bunch of the souls. I held my dagger and charged to another side. I waved my dagger and used Gouge on one of them and then I kicked their chest.


That kick felt weird, like I was kicking into cotton and I couldn’t use strength at all. Maybe my kick was just too strong, after he cried out he flew 100 meters out and lost 25% health. He was stunned by my kick and just stood there.


On the right, a long haired wandering soul charged over with her arms opened. She opened her wide mouth and pounced at me, it was terrifying.

I instinctively moved away from her attacks while using Hunter’s Edge on her body. The wandering soul retreated but at the same time, another two souls charged over. They waved their claws to hit my shoulder and two shocking numbers popped up--




Such high damage, I couldn’t be overconfident! I turned around and used Bloodthirst Blade and used Flames of Karma + Annihilation to instantly heal my health back. Streaks of flames rose up around my body and I entered Flames state. I waved my dagger and used Apprehension on where the souls were the most at.

“Hong hong hong--”

Storm and golden lightning swept across and caused the wandering souls to cry out. Li Yang whose body was surging with darkness dragon energy stared at me coldly, “Ancient technique… Scoff, it would actually fall into your hands, forget it, sooner or later it will be mine.”

His words were quite obvious that in the Sulfur Flame God Hall, the person that Li Yang wants to kill is me.

Zhang Xiaoshan’s few disciples were there. Sword One slashed the air and after knocking a bunch of them away, he said, “Li yang what is the meaning of that? July Wildfire is a heir to the god hall like you, if you kill him, everyone will punish you!”


Li Yang laughed coldly, “Sword One mind your own business.”


Sword One frowned but Li Yang was too arrogant so he didn’t continue to say anything.


Just like that, the flying boat flew across and after ten minutes, a giant flame gate appeared ahead. Around it was laws and that was probably the life mark laws that they mentioned previously. Once someone over 100 tried to enter they will get killed. On this boat, only the younger generation of black castle was younger than 100. Senior Sister Yun and Zhang Xiaoshan were all over 100. If they tried to step in, they would probably get shattered into dust. I really hope that Elder Dragon would fall in although that was impossible.


The boat stopped in front of the entrance and Elder Dragon said coldly, “The Door of Flames is right ahead, the Sulfur Flame God Hall is somewhere behind. You all must be careful, the god hall is really dangerous and no one has entered for years.”

Everyone was solemn.

Senior Sister said to me gently, “I will hold back Li Yang so lead everyone in and get as far as you can so that he can’t find you.”

“en understood!”

At that moment, Zhang Xiaoshan tapped the sheath behind him and many swords flew out to form a bridge between the gate and the boat. “The sword bridge is built, you all can head out. We will wait here for all of you, come back quickly!”

“Yes Master!”

Sword One and Sword Two nodded.

Senior Sister Yun walked forwards and said, “Young Master I have some words to tell you. You are the future of Black Castle and you must be really careful. Here I have a few pointers to remind you…”

When she was saying that, I jumped on the bridge and shouted at Dong Yuanbai and Two Balls, “What are you waiting for? Go!”

We flew out and in a blink of an eye we were in the door. Spiritual energy appeared in front of us and it was the scenes of rocks and trees. The moment we entered, I turned around and said, “Split up and hide, avoid Li Yang!”


Sword One looked at me and said, “Junior Brother, I can tell that Li Yang wants to kill you, you have to be careful!”

“En, Senior Brother don’t worry, all of you be careful too!”

“Okay, scatter!”

After Sword One ordered, the dozens of disciples all spread out. I used Quickness and then White Cloak. I used Shifang Flame Wheel Eye to look through all the traps. Right ahead was a giant serpent that was staring at its prey. Unfortunately, I wrapped around it and didn’t give it any chance.


After opening the map, I noticed that the entire map was blurry and one couldn’t tell where the hall was at. As for Sulfur Flame Grass, would it only be in the hall? Maybe I could find it in the map. En, calm down and search!

I chose an eastern path along a stream.

Dozens of minutes later, on a hill, I saw a broken world ender. This world ender had a corner broken but the remaining portion was shining. In the world ender, many corpses that had turned into white bones were laying there. Some were holding swords, some were holding halberds. There were seven or eight of them but their weapons were tools and couldn’t be picked up.

This should be a farm if not they wouldn’t use a world ender to protect it. One must know that in Illusionary Moon, the world enders were made with inscriptions and rare materials. Without being rich enough one wouldn’t be able to set them up. So there were definitely treasures in here, would there be Sulfur Flame Grass?

“Young men, don’t come in in case you die.”

Suddenly, an old voice spread from the hill and warned me.


I sucked in a deep breath and entered Shura Transformation, “I have a reason to enter, I need to find the Sulfur Flame Grass if not his highness will die.”


The old elder sighed and didn’t say anything else.

The moment I entered, I picked up a fragrance. On close look, most herbs here were destroyed. There was only a ten centimeter tall flame grass still growing. This plant was bearing fruit and many green bean sized grapes were hanging down. This was what gave off that delicious scent.

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