Chapter 523- Sulfur Flame God Hall
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Zhan Yue Chapter 523- Sulfur Flame God Hall

“Lady, I am willing to enter Sulfur Flame God Hall to search!”

A bunch of disciples knelt down on the ground.

I was touched, King of Darkness was on the verge of death and still, so many disciples were willing to follow him.

Right at that moment, there was another voice. Feng Chen walked forwards and knelt on the ground, “Lady Yun Yue, let me go too. If I can’t heal Master, I am not a good disciple!”

At this point, Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai knelt down and expressed that they were willing to go too.

I walked forwards and said, “I have to go too!”


Senior Sister Yun smiled, “I was waiting for that, if you go too then our chances of success have greatly increased!”

Feng Chen turned around, “Senior Brother July, thank you…”

“Why are you being so polite!”


At that moment, someone budged in and bushed the cave’s barrier. It was Li Yang and behind him was Zhou Ya and a bunch of elders.


Li Yang laughed coldly, “I have heard what you said, although… Xuanyuan Yu is not the king but he was still my Master so to heal his injuries that are impossible to heal, I am willing to head into Sulfur Flame God Hall to help Master search for it!”

“No need!”

Zhang Xiaoshan smiled, “Young Master you should stay in Black Castle to cultivate. The god hall is dangerous and your body is precious, don’t take the risk!”


Li Yang smiled, “Senior Uncle Zhang, didn’t you forget my Master’s words. I am the young master, the ruler of Black Castle now. My words are the words of the King of Darkness so I am not discussing them with all of you. I am informing you that Zhou Ya and I will enter the hall.”


Zhou Ya walked forwards and smiled, “We want to contribute our strength to help Master heal, Lady Yun please don’t stop us.”


Senior sister Yun said, “Young Master please head back, once we are ready to head out, I will send someone to inform you。”



After Li Yang and Zhou Ya left, Senior Sister waved her sleeves to seal the entire cave. She looked at us worryingly, “Li Yang is going definitely not for the Sulfur Flame Grass but to remove threats.”

Feng Chen gritted his teeth, “Does he want to kill Senior Brother July?”

“Not only him.”

Yun Yue said solemnly, “Everyone of you here who wants to head to the god hall means you want to save his highness which means you are going up against Elder Dragon. So once you enter, with his petty and vicious nature, he will kill all of you, this trip… Forget it…”


Feng Chen said, “Master was such a world-renowned expert but now he is just laying here. To help him heal, I would rather die in Sulfur Flame God Hall!”

“Prepare the flying boat!”

Zhang Xiaoshan said, “Sulfur God Hall isn’t small, once you enter just spread out. I believe that it won’t be so easy for him to kill all of you, make your preparations!”


Right at that moment, a bell rang and the quest was finally here--


System Notification: You have accepted main quest Sulfur God Hall (Starlight Grade)!

Quest details: Head towards Sulfur God Hall and search for the legendary Sulfur Flame Grass, this trip will be dangerous. You have to survive and walk out of the god hall!


Starlight Grade!

The moment I saw that, I was stunned and knew that the difficulty was definitely really high. I didn’t know that it would actually be this high!

Since entering Illusionary Moon, I recognised that Starlight Quests were far above others, even SSS Grade quests couldn’t compare to them as they were too special and too difficult. The rewards were really good too. The first one was at Heaven Crystal Ocean and I saw the whirlpool and saw Li Xiao Yao. The second one was at the Ice Bird Nest and I also saw a whirlpool which was of Lin Xi and I. Although I couldn’t explain what that was but it also proved that the quest was special.

One could even say that there was something suspicious with it. Normal players couldn’t touch Starlight Quests at all and this was already my third one. Could I see people and things I wanted to?

Who knew.

But this would be really dangerous as Li Yang was following us. He had wanted to kill me for a long time. Outside, with Senior Sister Yun it wasn’t easy for him to do so but once we entered a closed map, this was his chance. However, I had to go, if I didn’t, Lodan, Feng Chen and Dong Yuanbai had no chance of winning.

Not long later, an undead cavalry stepped in, “Lady Yun, the boat that can cross the lightning region is prepared, we can head out.”

“Okay let’s go.”

We walked out and right ahead was a golden flying boat that could fit 100+ people. We all headed up and Zhang Xiaoshan took out a blue talisman, “Two each, don’t take more. This thing can save you at a crucial moment!”

“Wind Breaking Talisman?”

One Sword’s eyes lit up and smiled, “Master you actually hid so many, that was rare!”


Zhang Xiaoshan said, “Once used, you can teleport a distance. Although you won’t be able to move out of the hall but you can flee from an enemy.”


Everyone nodded. I also got two and hid them in my bag right away in a place that I could get the moment I stretched out.

“Junior Brother.”

Senior Sister Yun crossed her arms and smiled at me, “Two of them are enough to make you so happy?”

“En, of course, these can save our lives!” I said.


She smiled, “Maybe you won’t need it?”


I was stunned and saw the killing intent in her eyes. My body shook and I lowered my voice, “Senior Sister, you want me to kill him?”

“This is the best chance.”

She gritted her teeth and her voice spread into my ears, “If you succeed then you will help Black Castle remove a problem. Elder Dragon is being affected by the dragon soul and he is like a falling leaf. Once Li Yang dies, our Black Castle has hope.”

“Let’s hope so… But I feel that it won’t be so smooth.”

At that moment, a black current surged and landed at the head of the ship. It was Li Yang and Zhou Ya. Even Elder Dragon was here. He held his staff and his face looked really venomous.

“Why is Elder Dragon here?”

Senior Sister Yun was stunned and she gritted her teeth, “Junior Brother you jinx!”

I was speechless, “Damn, I didn’t expect this…”

“Elder Dragon…”

Zhang Xiaoshan walked forwards and his body was filled with pure sword energy and he smiled, “Are you following us there?”


Elder Dragon looked down at us, “Li Yang is not only the young master but the hope of Black Castle. He wants to show his filial piety and wants to help Xuanyuan Yu heal so I have no choice but to follow him personally.”


I talked to Senior Sister Yun, “What a liar, he makes it sound like he wasn’t the reason for King of Darkness’s injuries.”

“Scoff scoff---”

She scoffed and said coldly, “He is just finding a reason to kill all of you. Junior Brother, once you head in you probably have to rely on yourself. Be careful, Li Yang is not much weaker than me now. You are still too weak, be careful!”

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“Understood, don’t worry.”


Right at that moment, the Flying Boat rose into the sky. The furnaces had many spirit stones burning and after the energy transfer, they flew into the distance.

After half an hour.

I couldn’t see my coordinates on my map, like this region was undiscovered and the Illusionary Moon continent didn’t include us. At that moment, rumbling clouds appeared and they covered the area ahead. Among them, golden lightning shone.

“The Explosive Lightning Region is here.”

The elder said solemnly, “Hold tight, we are about to break through, maybe there will be some turbulence!”

The boat flew across and right into the dark clouds. Inscriptions rose up around and formed a shield to protect the boat, preventing it from being consumed by lightning.

“Weng weng weng---”

The boat shook intensely. Dong Yuanbai and Two Balls’ faces turned ashen white. I had been through worse so I wasn’t affected. I just stood next to Senior Sister Yun and smiled.

After 10 minutes, the area turned bright. The moment we charged out, there were blue clouds for miles. An elder pointed forwards, “Look, we have entered Sulfur Flame God Hall’s region, everyone get ready!”

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