Chapter 517- Following the crowd
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Zhan Yue Chapter 517- Following the crowd


Talon raised his sword and instantly absorbed the light in the sky, “Since I can’t kill the emperor, I will kill a Marquis!”

Above an earthdigger, Red Crane Marquis Yu Wenchi gritted his teeth and douqi exploded around him. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit and he shouted, “Do you think I will give up?”

He roared and his body flew into the sky. His body was instantly covered in red feathers and he transformed into a red crane, “Red Crane Heaven Swallow!”


A loud explosion and a bright sword clashed into the crane and instantly the outcome was there for all to see. Talon stood in mid air and looked quietly. Yu Wenchi spat out blood and fell to the ground. He stood up and his mouth was covered in blood, “Evil spirit, we humans won’t yield to you!”

“If you don’t then die!”

Talon roared and his sword was covered in a dark light, “Dying on the battlefield is a good resting place for you, die!”

Yu Wenchi gritted his teeth and looked at the sky. He clenched his right first and flames surged. There were even flames that shot out from his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. He looked at the soldiers behind him and shouted, “Go, quick go! All of you must live and then find a chance to take revenge for me!”

In the sky, a black sword stabbed into the ground!


The moment the black sword landed, Yu Wenchi’s body exploded too. He exploded his body before death, exploding his spiritual ruin. Flames surged into the sky in a red crane image. The explosion was really strong. In the next moment, Talon waved his sword and he was standing in dusk.

“Cough cough cough…”

He coughed a few times and frowned. I looked at the giant basin that appeared after Red Crane Marquis exploded and said, “Just a human race Marquis and he dares to self destruct, where did that courage come from?”

He raised his sword and looked into the distance, “Chase! Chase them, even if we kill them to the mountain peak, we have to kill them all. Let them shiver when they hear about the north, make them cry every night!”


The Pioneer Army and Twilight Army charged toward the valley.


I followed this group to charge out of the valley. I looked back at where the two marquis died and I felt emotional. They were from the empire and their positions were slightly weaker than the three dukes and minister. In the end, they died in the forest and didn’t even have a full corpse. Such courage was something that made one respect them!

Outside the valley, I found Lin Xi. She was standing outside the forest and was waiting for me.

“What happened?”

I dashed forwards and asked.

“They are safe?”

She licked her lips, “We handed Xuanyuan Ying and Feng Buwen to Mu Tiancheng and Guan Yang. They called a bunch of flying ships and sent the emperor away.”

“Oh they are Flying Boats!”

“Oh oh okay, flying boats then!”

She blinked her eyes, “You fought the Fire Demon Witch head on, you are fine? I was worried about you.”

“I am fine.”

I looked back at the battlefield, “An NPC saved me but he ended up suiciding.”

“It was Huyan Ning right, I saw him.”


“Let’s go.”

Lin Xi jumped up her horse and smiled, “It is good that you are okay, we can retreat now. The battle of Yundian Mountain should be over, who knows how many rewards we can get.”

“Who knows, forget it, let’s head back first.”



20 minutes later, Yundian Mountain camp.

Players surged in and defended against the Dimension Legion Army. Most players were shocked and despondent. They saw the strength of the Dimension Legion lords and they were under huge pressure. When the Human race NPCs looked like they were about to win, a Situ Xue appeared, a Fire Demon Witch Soora appeared that destroyed them. Some main NPCs had to die and some got injured. The top NPCs were badly injured this time.

Luckily Xuanyuan Ying, Feng Buwen, Mu Tiancheng and Guan Yang were fine, if not the losses wouldn’t be something we could accept.

“Ah Li are you okay?”

Ah Fei held his staff and walked over, “I saw you heading over to Fire Demon Witch, you really have balls. I respect you, you drink the most alcohol, you do the most…”

Lin Xi was staring at him with killer eyes.

Ah Fei instantly stopped speaking and he slapped his head, “Damn…If you do the most things overnight, you need to pay attention to your body, if you fall I will be heart pained!”


Lin Xi scoffed and looked like she didn’t want to bother about him.

My mouth twitched, “Aiyo you are level 88? You are about to reach level 90 and can get level 9 inscription technique, such a good thing!”

“What a good thing!”

He stared, “Do you know how tough it is? I need to continue for half a month without sleeping to be able to reach level 9. So under normal circumstances, I need at least 2-3 months to reach level 9 inscription technique.”

“That is okay, take it slow, we can wait.”


Light Lantern placed his hand on Ah Fei’s shoulder and smiled, “Brother Fei, we all have high hopes for you!”



At that moment, a flying boat landed from above. It was the injured Xuanyuan Ying and Feng Buwen. They just appeared in front of the NPCs and players.

“Greetings your majesty!”

Guan Yang knelt down on one knee, “Most of our men are back to Yundian Mountain. Please give the order to retreat back to the north wall! After we lost in the forest, they will definitely attack Yundian Mountain. We are in danger here.”

“Battle report…”

Xuanyuan Ying coughed, “Is the battle report done? How many losses…”

Guan Yang said solemnly, “We lost close to 100 thousand soldiers. As for general, we lost a hundred, commanders 7, marquis, marquis…”

“Stop stammering, speak!” Xuanyuan Ying said solemnly.

“Yes Your Majesty!”

Guan Yang gritted his teeth and said, “Your Majesty, Marquis Huyan Ning, Red Crane Marquis Yu Wenchi both died!”


His body shook and he took several steps back. His eyes were filled with sadness, “My marquis… My Red Crane Marquis! Two of my marquis died…”

“Your Majesty!’

Feng Buwen said, “Return to Winter Sun City, we can’t remain here.”

Thus, with Mu Tiancheng and Guan Yang protecting him, they sat on the Flying Boat and left.

At that moment, I saw the rankings and as expected, I was still first. Ruyi was second. These two were stable. As for guild rankings, after the Fire Hell Prison battle, our rankings rose once more--

Legend Level 6 Points: 42.79 million

Elements Level 6 Points: 42.62 million points

Vanguard level 6 Points: 34.27 million points

Limitless Level 6 Points: 32.18 million points

Winds of Battle Level 6 Points: 30.09 million points

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With You Level 5 Points: 29.85 million points

House of Prestige Level 6 Points: 29.8 million points

Moonlight Lake Level 6 Points: 27.81 million points

Prague Level 5 Points: 24 million points

Breaking Dawn Level 6 Points: 23.75 million points


Just a bit more and we could have overtaken Winds of battle to get into the top 5! Moreover, With You was a level 5 guild! The reason why we were so close was that our solo strength was too strong. Especially the top 10 players, that wasn’t something they could compare to us. After entering the forest, the player losses continued to increase. Winds of Battle only had 1500 people that survived while we had at least 1300. The difference in numbers wasn’t so huge anymore. If we had a little more time we would have entered the top five.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t time.

After Xuanyuan Ying left, a bell rang in the sky. At around 12am, the event finally ended--


System Notification: Congratulations warriors, the battle event has ended. Although we weren’t able to defeat the Dimension Legion Army, but the human army was able to deal them a heavy blow and nearly killed Valen. After this battle, the human race has shown our strength past the north wall for the first time in a hundred years! Congratulations player July Wildfire for getting first, obtained rewards: Level +3, charm +10, contribution points +25 million, gold +200 thousand, obtained extra reward: Muddy Water (SSS Grade Skillbook), congratulations player Follow Heart for being second, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +7, Reputation +15000, gold +100 thousand, obtained extra reward Undying Bird Ring (Legacy Grade), congratulations player Dawn for being third, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +5, Reputation points +12000, gold +80000, obtained extra rewards, Dragonflame Bow (Legacy Grade), the other top ten players are: Not Fish, Yanshi Bumou, Mars River, Feng Canghai, Lin Xi, Moonlight like Water, Xuande. All players will obtain extra rewards, I hope that all of you can continue to work hard and fight for the honor of the human race!


Finally, the event was over. Ruyi got a red ring and this was definitely one of the best at the current stage. Dawn was a huge winner and got a red weapon. As for me, I could an SSS Grade skill book, Muddy Waters?

How was it…

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