Chapter 517- Following the crowd
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Zhan Yue Chapter 517- Following the crowd


Talon raised his sword and instantly absorbed the light in the sky, “Since I can’t kill the emperor, I will kill a Marquis!”

Above an earthdigger, Red Crane Marquis Yu Wenchi gritted his teeth and douqi exploded around him. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit and he shouted, “Do you think I will give up?”

He roared and his body flew into the sky. His body was instantly covered in red feathers and he transformed into a red crane, “Red Crane Heaven Swallow!”


A loud explosion and a bright sword clashed into the crane and instantly the outcome was there for all to see. Talon stood in mid air and looked quietly. Yu Wenchi spat out blood and fell to the ground. He stood up and his smouth was covered in blood, “Evil spirit, we humans won’t yeild to you!”

“If you don’t then die!”

Talon roared and his sword was covered in a dark light, “Dying on the battlefield is a good resting place for you, die!”

Yu Wenchi gritted his teeth and looked at the sky. He clenched his right first and flames surged. There were even flames that shot out from his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. He looked at the soldiers behind him and shouted, “Go, quick go! All of you must live and then find a chance to take revenge for me!”

In the sky, a black sword stabbed into the ground!


The moment the black sword landed, Yu Wenchi’s body exploded too. He exploded his body before death, exploding his spiritual ruin. Flames surged into the sky in a red crane image. The explosion was really strong. In the next moment, Talon waved his sword and he was standing in dusk.

“Cough cough cough…”

He coughed a few times and frowned. I looked at the giant basin that appeared after Red Crane Marquis exploded and said, “Just a human race Marquis and he dares to self destruct, where did that courage come from?”

He raised his sword and looked into the distance, “Chase! Chase them, even if we kill them to the mountain peak, we have to kill them all. Let them shiver when they hear about the north, make them cry every night!”


The Pioneer Army and Twilight Army charged towards the valley.


I followed this group to charge out of the valley. I looked back at where the two marquis died and I felt emotional. They were from the empire and their positions were slightly weaker than the three dukes and minister. In the end they died in the forest and didn’t even have a full corpse. Such courage was something that made one respect them!

Outside the valley, I found Lin Xi. She was standing outside the forest and was waiting for me.

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