Chapter 516- Fire Demon Witch skills
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Zhan Yue Chapter 516- Fire Demon Witch skills


Fengxian gulped and said, “Damn, Fire Demon Witch Soora is here. She is a top 5 lord, we still have time to flee for our lives!”

Dawn held a red bow and looked at her and said, “I think… There is such a need to do so. If we clash with such a boss, we are just flies diving into flames!”


I nodded, “But we can just retreat a little, there is no need to flee too far.”

Yanshi Bugong smiled, “Maybe if we flee too late it won’t be fleeing but running for our lives!”

Lin Xi smiled, “Guild Leader Bugong is so good with words--”

I laughed. Actually, I really wanted to kill him with a dagger. During this period of time, he brought Limitless to suppress us. Once in Hercules Beetle Forest, once at Cloud Ocean Palace. Yanshi Bugong was someone that would do anything for his guild’s interest.


Thus, the group of us retreated and tried to get away from the most intense region.

At that moment, Xuanyuan Ying had healed up and his body shone with golden dragon patterns. He looked really handsome like he was a god. He just looked at Fire Demon Witch Soora with his bare fists and smiled, “Fire Demon Witch, are you sure you can kill me?”


Her lips curled up. In the next moment, her body turned into flames that disappeared from the spot. She appeared above Xuanyuan Ying’s head and slashed down with a blistering flame slash.


Xuanyuan Ying reached out and slashed with his fist. The golden light turned into a dragon claw.


Both the sword energy and palm energy shattered but Xuanyuan Ying was obviously much weaker and he was forced back. When he was retreating, the Fire Demon Witch raised her hand and flames wrapped around it. They were like silk that was attached to Xuanyuan Ying’s hands. All of a sudden, fire shot up his entire arm which caused him to retreat by a hundred meters.

“What is going on?”

He shouted and tried to use dragon energy to scatter the flames, “You witch, what kind of flame is this!?”


Fire Demon Witch Soora stepped down with her snow white legs and just walked in the sky. Her eyes looked down at everything and smiled, “Xuanyuan Ying, you are just a human emperor and you think you know about the true power in the heavens? Let me tell you, everything you using including the true dragon technique is just a mid tier power in the universe, as for me… The fire I am using is a top tier fire, you will never understand.”


In the next second, she disappeared and appeared right in front of Xuanyuan Ying, slashing out her sword at lightning fast speed.


Fresh blood scattered and Xuanyuan Ying stumbled backwards. A shocking sword wound appeared in front of his chest and it was so deep that one could see the bones. Under that strike, Xuanyuan Ying’s aura dimmed. That sword was definitely quite fatal if not this wouldn’t have happened.



Fengxian was stunned, “Longwu Emperor was insta killed?”

“I think so!”

I dashed forwards, “We can give up on getting Pioneer Forest back this time, if we can protect the main NPCs to get back to Yundian Mountain then it is a win for us!”


Lin Xi followed. Shortly after, Feng Canghai, Yanshi Bugong, Dawn, Fushen Thousand Blades etc charged over.


“Your Majesty!”

Feng Buwen stopped and swept with the Heaven Lightning Scroll to form runes that swept the area. At the same time, he dove down to huge up Xuanyuan Ying, “Warriors of Xuanyuan Empire, cover his majesty and retreat back to Yundian Mountain, quick!”

“You want to leave?”

Fire Witch Soora’s expression turned vicious and she smiled, “Feng Buwen, with your bit of skill you want to stop me?”

She slashed and stabbed through the power of the Heaven Lightning Scroll. At the same time, sword energy hit Feng Buwen’s body and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He fell down alongside Xuanyuan Ying and that left a deep hole. The two of them fell forwards once more.

“Die you ants!”

Fire Demon Witch flew over and stood 30 meters up. She raised her sword and flames shot forth.

“Save them, I will stop her!”

I charged out and used Soul Star Explosion and Darkness Transformation. At the same time, I used cloud ladder and a golden light shone beneath my feet. With three steps I jumped right in front of Fire Demon Witch. I raised Seven Star Blade to use Gouge on her chest!


Fire Demon Witch was stunned. I was quite lucky. But in the next moment, the stun effect ended and her eyes were filled with rage, “You again, die!”

She raised her hands and formed a fire sword that thrust through the wind.

I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and saw through things. I used Dark Shadow Jump and turned into a dark current that pierced through her body. I used Backstab but due to the difference in stats, it only dealt 3000+ damage and didn’t do much at all.


Flame sword slashed and missed. This made her even more furious. I glanced and saw that Yanshi Bugong, Fengxian were carrying Xuanyuan Ying and Feng Buwen. Lin Xi and Dawn covered them as they dashed away. If they managed to save them, they would gain a lot of rewards.

In ancient times, the biggest achievement would be to save the emperor. If they were emperors they would be given a title!


“Jerk die!”

The moment Soora stomped, a flame storm swept over. I could only hold my arms in front of my chest and in an instance, I was knocked back and lost 200 thousand health. With Darkness Transformation and Soul Star Explosion, my health was at 800 thousand. It was impossible to insta kill me!


In the sky, Soora roared in rage. She appeared above and kicked my stomach. “Peng”, I lost 180 thousand health. The moment I hit the ground, Cloud Ladder Technique was still there. I rolled and charged right back into the sky.


A flame sword slashed across my back. If I was a second slower I would have gotten sliced into two by the sword.

“Do you think you can leave?”

Soora bit her teeth and raised her sword, “Spirits of the world, let flames enter your body, listen to my orders!”

In an instance, the bushes and plants were covered in a flame light and a weird thing happened. They turned into beats that blocked in front of me while attacking me.


Soora laughed coldly, “High grade flame power can merge with all life, ants like you won’t understand!”

“Wooden Dummy!”

Before she finished laughing, I raised my hand and shouted towards the vines and flame trees, “Move aside!”

“Shua shua shua--”

These wood that was controlled by Soora turned into my soldiers and charged back at Soora. Her face turned green, “You jerk, I swear that I will kill you!”


At that moment, a bunch of human race NPCs galloped over. They pointed their blades at Soora and someone shouted, “Block her and save his majesty. Attack!”

“A bunch of cannon fodder…”

She stared and slashed with her sword. That led to huge fire waves that turned them into ash. In the flames, a guy holding an ice shield charged out. The ice inscriptions flew up and turned into frost that dissolved the flame energy around. He just charged right in front of Soora.


He jumped up and slashed Soora. He activated his Douqi and caused the space around to twist.


Soora’s eyes turned cold and she charged out. She grabbed that person’s neck before he even managed to attack. Soora’s body was much smaller than him but her fingers caused him to be unable to move at all.


A bunch of golden armor soldiers dashed over and shouted, “Fire Demon, release our marquis!”

At that moment, I saw this NPC’s name, it was Huyan Ning, one of the twelve marquis!

But this was the final time I saw him.

“What Marquis!”

In front of absolute strength, Soora crushed her fingers and Huyan Ning’s head was plucked out from his body. Fresh blood splattered and she tossed his head out, “You want your Marquis, here he is!”


The soldiers were stunned and their faces were filled with sadness.


Flames exploded. They weren’t able to take revenge for their marquis. With how Fire Demon Witch was, she wouldn’t allow them to leave this place alive.

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“Retreat, all retreat. Cover his majesty and retreat, quick!”

In the distance, someone was shouting. Blade of Dawn Talon used his sword to hunt human experts. He glanced at someone who stepped on the head of an earthdigger. Flame wrapped around his body and he formed a fire peacock to turn the head of another earthdigger into ashes.

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