Chapter 518- Young Master Shi paying the bill
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Zhan Yue Chapter 518- Young Master Shi paying the bill

“Quick quick quick!”

On the side, Lin Xi smiled, “First on the server let me see what the skill book is---”


I was not planning to hide things so I took out this golden skill book. In the next second, its stats appeared and I shared them with With You---

Muddy Water(SSS Grade skillbook): Activate chaos power to deal muddy water effect in a region, the target will lose vision and they won’t be able to use skills, movement speed reduced by 50% lasting for seven seconds. Required level: 100, required job: Assassin, required realm: Heaven Realm.


“Damn, so strong!”

Light Lantern frowned, “This is much stronger than Midnight Ecstacy, moreover it seals skills and reduces speed by 50%, damn so strong. If you use it, your enemy will become so much weaker!”


Mundane Slaughter nodded, “How big is this so called region, if it exceeds 20 by 20 then this skill is really a god skill.”

Lin Xi smiled, “Actually, SSS Grade skillbooks are currently like god skills so there is no need to suspect them. This Muddy Water and Lu Li’s Apprehension, Wooden Dummy, Dark Shadow Jump etc skills are the same. Naturally, the effect will be really good.”

“En en!”

I nodded. If I used Muddy Water, I would have a group silence+Speed reduction and vision hindering super control skill. Along with Apprehension that dealt high damage, it would have a great effect. More importantly, this skill was great for guild wars. With this, my damage and position in battles will increase by 20%, I wouldn’t be that Assassin that only knew how to charge and kill.


A golden light scattered and Muddy Water appeared on my skill list. It was behind Apprehension and Wooden Dummy. I had gathered 3 good skills now!


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I was really pumped up and felt like I could quickly kill anyone. At that moment, Ah Fei smiled, “That… It is about 12am. Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi look, Ah Li got Muddy Water, Ruyi got a piece of red equipment. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan gained many. Moreover, With You is ranked 6th and we are really dark horses. To celebrate, why not I treat everyone to crayfish?”

“Sure.” I smiled.

Lin Xi smiled, “Go then. Ah Fei is treating so why won’t we go?”

“En en--”

Ah Fei nodded. Seeing Lin Xi’s attitude towards him change for the better, he was really happy, “Let’s think about what to eat when we get there, today I will treat everything!”

Shen Mingxuan, “Great, then let’s prepare to head out!?”


Gu Ruyi smiled and nodded.

Thus, we crushed the city return scroll and returned to the familiar Winter Sun City. At this point, the Yundian Mountain battle had ended. This battle was Xuanyuan Empire’s full scale attack on Dimension Legion Territory. Although we weren’t able to collect Beiliang Province but we had dealt a heavy blow to them. Especially Pioneer Forest. Valen was on the verge of death and his Pioneer Army suffered heavy losses.

On the human race side, facing the attacks of four lords, naturally, we weren’t any better. Two of the 12 Marquis died and apart from that Longwu Emperor and White Clock Minister Feng Buwen were badly injured by Fire Demon Witch and they needed some time to rest up. Who knows whether or not there would be a war in the near future.


Half an hour later, night.

The crayfish city business was still popular. Ah Fei was first to arrive and found a seat close to the window. When Shen Mingxuan and I helped to place Lin Xi by the window, she looked at the night sky and looked really blissful, “Although… Staying up is not good for face, but if I could spend every day like this, it is not bad…”

Ah Fei said anxiously, “Such a life is so simple, I can treat you every day!”


Shen Mingxuan looked at her and smiled, “Maybe it is because you don’t have a girlfriend and are lonely so you think about treating us right? Once you get a girlfriend you probably won’t be free.”

I waved and said, “At most just a month, after he gets sick of it he would be free.”

Ah Fei looked at me in rage, “Damn, you backstabber, you really are a backstabbing expert!”

I grinned and Lin Xi smiled, “Lu Li, I want 13 spice one.”


I ticked it and went to order other dishes.

In just a while, everyone started to eat. Shen Mingxuan’s crayfish peeling skills were shocking. Her hands were nimble and in a short while, she peeled one. She dipped it in soup and placed it by Lin Xi’s mouth, “Lin Xi, open your mouth--”


Lin Xi ate one and then sent the one she peeled to her mouth, “Mingxuan, open your mouth!”


Shen Mingxuan gave out a weird sound. I looked at her and was speechless.

“Cough cough…”

Ah Fei coughed and lowered his voice to say to me, “Ah Li, why do I feel like you are the mistress in With You, you forced your way into their world.”

My head felt numb, “Damn, I feel that way too…”

“Hahaha, I wish you happiness!”


At that moment, a few young men were eating too. They drank beer while eating and they talked loudly at the same time.

“Damn I am so unhappy, Dragonrider members are people but For Dreams isn’t?”

A teen with a tattoo on his hands was unhappy and said, “Why did the Earthdigger Blade go to Peng Haoren and not to Ghostwalker?”

“No reason.”

A teen with green hair laughed coldly and tossed the crayfish into his mouth. He chewed loudly and said, “He is good at sucking up! You saw that although he is from Dragonrider but when doing events he just follows behind the guild leader. He even blocked fatal blows for the guild leader. Just that alone means that him getting the blade is expected.”


Another short sleeved teen punched the table and the shells flew around, “Disgusting, no wonder others call him a ball sucker, such a person, tsk…”

The tattoo teen smiled, “Stop talking about such things, which one of the people that are good in society not suck up to others? Scoff, Peng Haoren is like that, Eastern Skill Soldier is too.”

“That might not be the case.”

The green haired teen smiled, “Peng Haoren is good at sucking up, Eastern Skill Soldier is best at backstabbing. With such a person there, one day he might just backstab us.”

“Eh, our merger is just so problematic. Looks like we are together but in truth, we are separated.”


The tattooed teen sighed, “Look at With You and Assassin Alliance’s merger, all their experts all entered With You. After July Wildfire entered With You, when were there unharmonious news? Look at their results, they were level 5 but got 6th on the server, nearly higher than Winds of Battle, they are too strong!”


The short sleeve teen said, “July Wildfire and Lin Xi are there so their results won’t be bad. Look at us, who can we rely on? Male Bear, Peng Haoren or Eastern Skill Soldier?”

“Rely on them? Useless!”

At this moment, they laughed.


I didn’t turn around to look at them and just smiled, “It is a matter of time before Dragonrider Hall collapses.”


Lin Xi laughed, “Normal, such a weak merger will just end up in a split. But based on the current situation, if Zhou Datong is rich enough they won’t split.”


Shen Mingxuan laughed, “Money can’t be underestimated.”

“That is… That is…”


After supper, Ah Fei looked at us and he looked really reluctant. He just drove home alone.

“So sad,”

Gu Ruyi looked at him drive away and smiled, “Why not… Let him join With You?”


Shen Mingxuan shook her head, “I don’t agree.”

“Ah? Don’t agree, then forget it…” Ruyi pouted.

Lin Xi smiled, “Why is Mingxuan opposing?”

Shen Mingxuan frowned, “In my heart, With You is the four of us and we can’t have anyone else. Not scum Fei. I trust Ah Li but not him. Lin Xi, Ruyi I don’t want either of you to get hurt.”


Lin Xi smiled, “Okay let’s go back and sleep, everyone, is tired.”

“Okay, go back!”


In the night sky, I carried Lin Xi up the car and then drove With You’s car swiftly. In a blink of an eye, I entered the busy night sky of the city.

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