Chapter 804 - Ice Wings
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Zhan Long Chapter 804 - Ice Wings

Chapter 804 - Ice Wings



A golden ray of light fell upon me. Frost smiled and put her palm on my chest. She then muttered, “Hidden forests of Dragon City, stand firm and tall and protect our virtue. Even when all else falls, this desolate land shall stand strong…. I, Frost, Lady of Dragon City bestow upon you the honor of a Guardian Dragon General. From this day onward, you will become an indispensable part of my life. I will not fail you, even in the next life!” 





System Notification: Congratulations Player [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] for becoming the first sixth advancement player. You have received the title “Guardian Dragon General” and have further received the following rewards: Level+1, Charm+50! 


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The reward for being the first sixth class advancement was this small? 


I was feeling a little disappointed. Yet I was still feeling a little excited when I looked back at Frost, “Frost, what’s the Ancient Hidden Skill? Can you give me a demonstration…” 


Frost grinned and stepped back, “This ancient skill has nearly been forgotten. I had to search through thousands of old scrolls and it took me several years of studying it before I could understand some of it. Make sure you watch carefully….” 


Frost gave a high pitched roar and snowflakes suddenly began to apparate and dance around her before seeping into her skin. In the next moment, “Peng!”, ice burst from her back, creating a pair of beautiful ice wings. With a slight flutter of the wings, she lifted her body from the ground. Frost raised her Severing Beauty and swung it, only to create a powerful slash of sword energy that extended several meters. She smiled to me, “Did you see that? Even without activating my God power, I can still fly!”  


“Huh?” I was stunned, “You… you want to teach me this kind of flying skill?” 


Frost nodded, “Yup, do you not want to learn?” 


My jaw nearly dropped, “I want to, of course I want to! Teach me know, how much money do I need to learn it?” 


“Eh?” Frost put her hand to her mouth, “What kind of a stingy person do you take me to be? This is a skill that I figured out, so naturally you don’t need to pay for it. Here, let me teach you the incantation….” 


“Shua!” A confirmation page suddenly appeared on my dashboard asking if I wanted to learn Frost’s skill——


[Ice Wings] (Deity Third Tier): Condenses the power of ancient glaciers to spawn wings, allowing the user to fly at will. Furthermore, this skill allows mounts to also harness this power. In close combat, the skill will create sword energy that extends five yards out. Activating this skill will greatly increase the effectiveness of your hidden stats. Every second of activation will cost you 1G. Learning this skill consumes 100 Charm! 



It was a Deity Third Tier skill? 


I gaped at the stats. Learning this skill was definitely like hitting the jackpot. Before this I was just a ground soldier, but if I could fly with these ice wings and bring my mount as well, then how scared would I actually be of people like Frost Forest who rode on dragons? 




Ice Wings appeared in my skill list. Every second of activation consumed 1G. While the cost seemed demanding at first, that wasn’t a problem. I had the funds to support this! 


I looked over and saw that there were still two more sixth class advancement sword skills in Frost’s interface ——


[Holy Domain Strength] (SS Tier): At the threshold of the Holy Domain, this skill gives user’s the primary level of holy power, greatly increasing the user’s stats! You have already learned Ice Wings and cannot learn this skill at this time. 


[Whirlwind Sword Break] (SS tier): This skill deals fierce damage to all targets within a 10 yard radius! You have already learned Ice Wings and cannot learn this skill at this time. 



They were all skills that I couldn’t learn. This kind of denial wrought my heart. With this one, [Ice Wings], I actually lost the opportunity to learn two other skills! But, it does seem like [Ice Wings] already greatly increases my attack power and stamina, similar to the effect from [Holy Domain Strength]. Plus, the [Ice Wings] has the effect of increasing my attack range, which is somewhat similar to [Whirlwind Sword Break]. Not too bad, I can live with this! 

Time to try out the Ice Wings! 


I summoned my Flying Scythe Horse and leapt onto it before activating the skill. My horse whinnied and the temperature around us suddenly cooled down as flakes formed in the air. They quickly seeped into my body. I suddenly felt a force burst from my back and “peng!”, long wings opened up. I had the ability to fly. The system controls also changed a bit, creating a more 3D-like type of movement. The difficulty of maneuvering increased a slight bit, but it was nothing too great. I had once tried out the flight ability of wind elves, so I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with these controls. 




My wings flapped against the air and my feet left the ground. I pulled out my Zhen Yue Blade and threw a slash of sword energy. It looked like it was much stronger than my usual attacks. 


Frost smiled to me and created a [Frost Shield], “Well, come at me Xiao Yao. Throw an attack and let me see just how much my student has improved.” 


I nodded and gripped my Zhen Yue Blade with both hands. I focused all of my concentration and shot forward right at my beautiful master. I raised my Zhen Yue Blade high above my hand and threw a heavy slash right onto the [Frost Shield]! 




Ice scattered from the shield and Frost was actually forced back two steps. “Pa!” She bumped against the desk, scattering some of the documents onto the ground. Dumbfounded, she exclaimed, “Wow, you… you’ve actually improved this much. Your attack had nearly rendered my [Frost Shield] useless against your attack…” 

I looked over at her arm and saw that fresh blood was seeping out. Worried I said, “It's because you’re injured right now. Get better soon and don’t get into any more fights with people.” 


Frost smiled tenderly, “Okay, I know.” 


Right then, I heard the great doors to the hall burst open with a “peng!”. The Queen Zi Shu dashed over. She glanced around and said, “What happened? I felt the clash of two Holy Domain powers. Did someone attack?” 


Frost couldn’t help but smile, “Nope, I was dueling with Li Xiao Yao!” 


Zi Shu widened her eyes, “Oh, Master, looks like you’re becoming more and more powerful. You’ve definitely improved since that day you rescued me from the Wild Dragon Tribe. Ah, I’m already starting to feel some regret, I should’ve set up a more complete contract of service. That way…. Master could do whatever he wanted with me….” 

I glanced at the Queen Zi Shu’s slender figure and blood nearly shot out of my nose, “Zi Shu, be more serious. You’re a dragon and I’m a man!” 


Zi Shu giggled, “No matter. Frost is a god and you’re a man, and you guys are still…. Oh, I think I’ve said too much. Lady Frost, you won’t try and avenge this by unburying my nest, right?” 


Frost was expressionless, “I will not, as long as you don’t turn yourself into a dragon and leave a pile in the city….” 


Zi Shu’s face was flushed, “My lady, now you’re in the wrong, at the very least I am a lady dragon, I’m not one of those lowly wild dragons… those, those are morons!” 


Frost smiled and walked over to rest her hand on Zi Shu’s shoulder, “Alright already, why don’t you tell us about your plan to steal dragon eggs again? Just these 15 Dragon Knights are enough to put the Hybrid Demons at a disadvantage. We’re going to need more!”


I was astonished, “Huh, you guys are going to the Wild Dragon Territory to steal more eggs?” 


Frost smiled, “Of course, otherwise…. Dragon City’s defenses are just too inferior….” 


I replied, “But after last time, Ignaus will have undoubtedly increased their defenses. I don’t think it’ll be as easy as it was before. In addition, I can’t defeat any elder dragons with the state I’m in right now!” 


“As for that….” Frost looked at me and smiled, “Don’t worry. This time we don’t need you to be the cannon fodder. Zi Shu can take that role!” 


The Queen Zi Shu looked dismayed, “Please don’t, as a dragon, I have my dignity. I will not do something like stealing Dragon Eggs. How about we try something else?” 


“Oh? What is that?” Frost asked. 


Queen Zi Shu explained, “Silver Dragons, Crystal Dragons, and Flame Dragons are all part of the Holy Dragon tribe. They are already very rare to find. Last time, we practically stole all of the Holy Dragon eggs in the Wild Dragon Territory. Not only will it not be safe to steal any more, it will likely arouse Ignaus’ attention. I’d rather have that not happen. How about we hunt on the outskirts of the Wild Dragon Territory and poach some of the simpler dragon tribe members? The Wide-winged Dragon and the Flat-Mouth Dragon are both middle tier dragons. While they don’t match up to the strength of a Holy Dragon, they still have a lot of potential battle power under the right training. At the very least, they won’t have any problems fighting against the Magic Sword Masters.” 

Frost was puzzled, “But.. can a wild dragon be trained into a mount?” 


Zi Shu loftily patted her chest and said, “My lady, you must be underestimating me a little too much. In my body flows royal blood among the Holy Dragon tribe. Furthermore, I have the Dragon Essence. I can force create a contract between any mid tier dragon and human.”  


Frost clapped her hands, “Alright then, we’ll do just that!” 


I turned around to leave. 


Zi Shu hurriedly asked, “Eh, Master, where are you going?” 


I was speechless, “You’re standing around here discussing such swindling acts… I might as well go and do some good deeds like help protect the weak to make up for it!” 


Frost grinned, “Alright go on then, my General of the South and/or Guardian Dragon General!” 


I rolled my eyes. 



Right as I walked out of the hall, a messenger suddenly arrived. It was a rider from the Royal Army. He gripped the Royal Army flag in his hand and leapt down to his knees before me, “Commander, Supervisor Han Yuan asked me to let you know that a group of pirates appeared on the Eastern shore of the War God River and is threatening the civilians there. They’ve already killed a few of the people in the fisherman’s village nearby. Should we exterminate them?” 




“Yes sir!” 


The messenger continued, “These pirates have a very advanced war boat and it looks like they’ve had years of experience raiding the War God’s River. Even the Flame Dragon Army’s navy couldn’t handle them. General Han Yuan said… that these pirates have excellent weapons and most likely a treasure trove. If we can find that trove, then the Royal Army’s funds will be much more bountiful!” 


I clapped my hands and said, “Alright then, I’ll go back with you!” 

“Yes sir!” 

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