Chapter 1362- Heaven Region Troops
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Zhan Long Chapter 1362- Heaven Region Troops

An hour later, the light faction hybrid demon army crossed the cold mountain ridge and entered Bone Refining Basin. Pearl led the army and rode a white war horse. Behind her were a bunch of five star god bosses and they looked at us fiercely. Although these hybrid demons were working with humans but one side was living and one side was undead so this animosity was obvious. Only Pearl managed to suppress the pressure. This was what I was most worried about. If one day Pearl didn’t care, they will turn into our enemies again.

Pearl’s army was strong now but in the future, that is how strong our enemies would be!


“I see the hell crack!”

A hybrid demon general rode his wolf forwards and his eyes showed energy. Although one of it was blind and there was a black cloth covering it.

“Not right.” Another general gritted his teeth, “The darkness crystal supporting the crack is destroyed, what is going on? If that is the case then the crack won’t hold on for long!”

Pearl was stunned and her eyes were filled with shock, “How… How did this happen?”

Han Yuan said respectfully, “Your Highness Pearl, Sif wanted to destroy it before she left but we stopped her if not the crack would be gone.”

“Li Xiao Yao is that true?” Pearl questioned me.

I coughed and didn’t say anything.

Pearl pouted, “You come with me!”

She headed towards the pillar formed by the tunnel and I chased her in god form. Very quickly, we both stood in mid air. Pearl squinted her eyes and looked at the crack. Energy surged and there was a loud explosion. A red arm drilled out from the magma and it was a red stone giant, level 9 hybrid demon. He roared and climbed out. He lowered his head towards Pearl and said solemnly, “My master, what instructions do you have?”

Pearl didn’t say anything. She waved and this stone giant walked towards where the other hybrid demons were at, like an army gathering.

“Do you see that?” Pearl asked.

“I see.”

“What do you see?”

“An army that can destroy the entire human race under this crack. They need time and if they have it, they can destroy the world.”

“Oh…” She said, “Thank you for destroying 7 of the 10, thanks for helping me choose the path I have to take.”

I shook, “Your Highness…”

She saw through my thoughts, “I know, Lochlan and you are defending against me. I was a hybrid demon lord and in your eyes, I am an evil soul. But Xiao Yao, can’t you see that I am human, I am Emperor Locke’s daughter. How will I wipe out the humans?”

“Then why do you thank me?”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

“For your loyalty to the empire. This place belongs to my family and war split it up. Now that it is united, the world has peace. But… I am Emperor Locke’s daughter and I thought about wanting my past. But it is all gone, I will play my role in the north.”

“Thank you Pearl.” I lowered my head.

“Don’t thank me.” She held my arms and smiled, “Lochlan is my uncle’s son and is my cousin. You let my family rule the world s

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