Chapter 1329- Want my life
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Zhan Long Chapter 1329- Want my life


When I raised my sword, the 20 thousand Furnace god Cavalries charged out. Our morale was really high and we ignored the Demon Crystal Cannons and Archer attacks. We charged and placed the Cloud Ladders to attack. The Furance God Cavalries started to slice the bottom of the walls when they arrived. One of the Flying General effects was to increase damage to walls by 40% so this mount was a nightmare for defending players.

They couldn’t handle Flying General+Quickness if they came down, if they defended, the walls couldn’t handle the 40% extra destructiveness. If they were the Japanese, they would probably suicide and thank the gods.


The moment I arrived at the wall I used Underworld Sword Breaking. Its destructive effects were quite good too. Sword energy pierced through the walls and caused some cracks. I raised an arm and God Army Talisman spun. The first Purple Lightning Chariot appeared and it dealt a blow to the foundations of the walls!


The earth shook and the players above were stunned. A level 247 Archer was shocked, “It is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, damn aim at that chariot. Quick, we can’t let it attack or the pass will be lost. If it is lost, who will be able to stop their cavalries?”

Archers, Mages and Musketee stuck their heads out and started to aim at the chariots.

How would I let them do so easily? I used Star Shield to protect the chariot while shouting loudly, “Clear the people on the walls!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Mocha charged up the walls and they used their AOE skills to clear the field. Not far away, their cannons changed directions to try to destroy the Purple Lightning Chariot. What a problem, the cooldown was 10 minutes so I could only summon one every ten minutes.

I waved my arms and used my swords to block. A cannon fired and the cannonball exploded in front of my chest, dealing 180 thousand damage. Darling Duck’s one heal helped me to heal up for the health I lost.

Death God’s Elergy flew over and led the Furance god Cavalries to form a shield wall, “Protect the chariot, it is okay if we die, we can’t lose this!”

I moved in the sky and ate all the cannons. The Americans were furious. One of them held an axe and shouted, “Fuck, so shameless, how can they use such a tactic! Brothers, charge down with me, no matter what we have to destroy that chariot.”

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