Chapter 1324- One man army
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Zhan Long Chapter 1324- One man army

With the order given, most of the Zhan Long players left Tian Ling City. The players that had god form didn’t follow and just used their flying ability to charge towards Moon City first. Moon City needed us more. The God Form players were basically the top 500 players on the country war leaderboards and the points were too important for them. No one had the power to restrict them from getting points.


I had God Dragon daughter’s speed buff and my high grade divinity added the most movement speed so I arrived the earliest. I spent just half an hour to arrive so one could tell how fast I was.

From afar, Moon City was even more prosperous under the hands of Fiona. Now it was a strong city. The walls were covered in white iron and many blades were chiseled into it to strengthen the wall’s defence and raise the difficulty of seiging. This was also the reason why Clear Black Eyes, Sky Rose, Demon Mountain etc didn’t dare to attack. The reason is that it wouldn’t be a blow to China and the second was that the price to pay would be too huge.


My cape danced in the wind and I landed on the walls. Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Tang Gu, Sword Tears etc players were here, they didn’t head out to fight the enemies.

“Xiao Yao you are here, you are so fast.” Q-Sword held Seven Kill Sword and smiled.

I nodded, “What is the situation here?”

“Still okay.” Q-Sword pointed south, “There is a Swirling Abyss City army killing our scattered players, around 2 million of them. Demon Mountain and Drunk Maple are leading 700 thousand players over the ocean but most of the Hybrid Demon Territory boats are used up so they can ship 500 thousand players over each time. The west is the biggest threat, Sky Rose is personally leading and is planning to fight a decisive battle with us on the plains between Moon City and Iron Skull City.”

“We have to fight a final battle if she wants?” I laughed, “Wishful thinking, we have the power now, we don’t have to listen to her. Send people out to strike Swirling Abyss City but don’t go too far, don’t leave the Moon City map.”

“Okay, I will make arrangements.”


Tang Gu held his spear and smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, you are so majestic now. You are the Zhan Long Guild Leader and you are even The Executor. Tsk tsk, how long has it been since you came back to find me?”

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