Chapter 1323- One Armed God Dragon
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Zhan Long Chapter 1323- One Armed God Dragon

“What happened just now? Why did the sky turn dark?”

In the guild channel, Lian Po was still online and he asked in shock, “What happened at the Hybrid Demon territory, the sky turned dark from there. Isn’t it noon in game, how did it turn to night? The Hybrid Demon Territory is shaking too and also there are signs of lightning, what happened?”

Furious Milk said, “Probably only Guild Leader can give you an answer but he is probably trying to survive and he is not free to bother with you.”

Wang Jian said, “Don’t bother about Brother Xiao Yao, he will definitely deal with it. Continue to rush, try to arrive at Iron Skull City quickly.”



North, Hybrid Demon Territory Blood Mountain Range.

The entire map was pretty much destroyed and there wasn’t any Blood Mountain Range at all. It looked no different from hell.

Ahead of me, Star Chain’s explosion formed a hundred-meter hole. Azure had disappeared and had returned to dust.

“Is it over?” Lanais knelt down and asked. Her wounds on her legs were so deep one could see the bones. It was really terrifying, she probably couldn’t stand at all.

“Death might just be the start.” Frost said, “Lanais are you okay?”

“Nothing, what is this injury even? It is my redemption.”


Frost quickened her footsteps and helped me up. She looked at my broken left arm and said, “Xiao Yao, your arm… It would be fine right? This…”

Her eyes were covered in a layer of mist and she was about to cry.

I tapped her shoulder, “I am fine, don’t forget that I am different from all of you…”

“Right, you are an alien.” She was delighted, alien was what NPCs called players. We came from an alien world, it was similar to the settings in digimon.


“Quick, let’s take a look at Queen Zhi Shu, her injuries are even heavier.”


Frost and I dashed towards the ruins. Zhi Shu’s ruins were nearby. If not for her tail on the ground, we couldn’t have known that she was buried inside. When Frost and I dug her out, she coughed, “Wu, I thought that I was going to get buried, to think that I…”

“Stop bragging, let’s have a look at your injuries.” I rolled my eyes.

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