Chapter 1249- Eat shocking lightning fist
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Zhan Long Chapter 1249- Eat shocking lightning fist

Night, the moonlight was really tranquil.

I was arranged to a suite in a very small courtyard and there were a few stone chairs around. In the corner was a small training ground. The sharp blades shone brightly in the night. Suddenly sounds spread from outside and someone kicked down the door.

“What is it?” I asked.

A guard walked forwards and said, “General, these Royal Army troops said that they are investigating to see if there are suspicious people. Even if we are under his highness there is no use.”


Preposterous, they even dared to charge into the prince’s manor. Seems like the prince and the king’s position in the empire was squeezed to a corner. It would be sooner rather than later that Dong Ming replaced them. Unfortunately, their cultivation wasn’t high so there was nothing they could do.

“Let them check then.” I said.


Soldiers holding torches surged over. I looked at their armor and wanted to laugh. Their armor wasn’t well maintained and their weapons were dirty. Some swords even had chips that weren’t repaired. What a joke. These bunch could actually become royal army troops. As compared to Han Yuan, Xiao Lie etc, they were just useless!

The soldiers flipped through the suite and didn’t find anything. Only I stood in front of the door.

A 30 year old general walked forwards and looked at me, “Who are you, why haven’t I seen you before?”

I took out the token that the prince gave me, “I am the new side general Li Xiao Yao, do you have questions?”


He laughed, “All positions need to be granted by general God King Xue Sha, you aren’t the side general yet, give me that token!”

I laughed coldly, “His highness doesn’t have the power to appoint a side general? Does Capital Spirit Empire below to the king or to Xue Sha?”

He was stunned, after all the God Kings weren’t the true rulers so he just smiled, “Kid, you have balls. But if I kill you here, no one would know that you have been promoted.”

He charged over with his sword and it was covered in flames. A lieutenant had such balls to kill someone in the prince's manor. This courage was definitely from the three God Kings. This made me even more furious. Since these three were the heaven in Capital Spirit Empire then today I shall stab the heavens!

Gan Jiang swiftly pulled out from the sheath and I knocked his sword. In the next moment, a golden light shone and I used Wind Carrying Slash on his chest. “Pu pu pu”, fresh blood splattered and badly injured this guy.

“Oo ah…”

He cried out and retreated. His chest was covered in wounds. Butterfly was a five star god weapon and it was so sharp. His armor was nonexistent and his face was filled with shock, “You… Who are you?”

I emphasized, “I am a side general that his highness promoted. I told you so scram if not, if I kill a royal army lieutenant here, I can say that you are here to steal and I punished you.”

His expression turned even uglier, “Retreat!”

The royal army troops retreated.

Once they were all gone, the guards looked at me, “General Li you are in big trouble. He is very important to General Lu Xiong and he is a god king. They won’t let you off so you need to be careful!”

I nodded, “It is about to be morning so they shouldn’t have much time. Let’s wait until tomorrow.”



Actually, I was looking forward to Lu Xiong coming over at night. If I deal with him today, I could avoid the other two. But he disappointed me and he didn’t come and find trouble. Only when the sky lit up did the prince send me breakfast. Eating in game was just for the taste and players didn’t need food in game to support their bodies. I ate and went to see the prince.

Today the prince seemed more pumped up. He was in martial gear and he rode a white horse. He held an ice wrapped spear and looked like a general, just that his strength was slightly weaker. Any Lieutenant in the Royal Army could defeat him within ten rounds…

“General Li Xiao Yao, are you ready?” The 12 side generals followed the prince but he only looked at me. Indeed he held me to high regard.

I nodded, “Ready.”

“Let’s go!”

The 400 men party headed out towards the king’s hall. It wasn’t too far away, just 10 minutes. Before we arrived we heard loud drums. The king hall’s sparring field had over 20 thousand troops here. It seemed like the empire’s troops were strong but most of them were under the God King.

The king was a 50 year old man and his body looked really weak. He sat on the throne and didn’t look majestic at all. The two beside him looked even more energetic. God King Dong Ming, the grand teacher was in a black robe and was holding a fan. The other was God King Xue Sha that was in an armor and holding a spear. The general that controlled all the troops. As for Lu Xiong, he was standing in front of the hundred generals.

I didn’t make a sound and followed the prince. As long as one was a general one would be able to participate in the battle. Apart from the prince, the prime minister, back general and commander in chief will send some warriors. This was for Dong Ming to show his strength right? As for the competition, the winner would get promoted and they would have to challenge Xue Sha. This resulted in many deaths in the past. This was how Dong Ming and Xue Sha reduced the strength of the empire. They would kill the strong generals in the army such that the king and prince had no one they could use.

But now that I have descended here, I was an anomaly and this was not something the three of them expected.


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The ceremony began really soon. First the ministers described the king’s mercy and then they announced the start. The first to step up was someone called Hufen General, he held a mace and he looked really strong. He shouted, “Who is willing to fight with me?”

The prince looked at me, “This person is under general Xue Sha and he is vicious, 20 people died to his mace.”

I smiled, “Strong!”

Very quickly there were people challenging him. Right minister’s general was smashed into pieces in just three rounds. Blood splattered. And a few minutes later, the commander’s men had his leg broken.


The commander raged, “Xue Sha actually killed my vanguard general, damn it!”


Very quickly, dozens of people were challenged but they were all killed by that general. The competition had ended up as a massacre.

I crossed my arms and observed, that I didn’t plan on challenging. Wait. It was still early. Let more of them die first.

The prince had the same attitude and told me to calm down and wait for more.

Time passed and it was noon. Over 50 people had died.

In the distance, the commander already had three dead generals. He was furious. He looked at the right minister and said, “Minister what are you waiting for? I heard that you found a kid that has close to God Ancestor strength. Why not send him out. If you continue hiding him, our generals will all die. The troops will land in Xue Sha’s hands again!”

The minister looked at a general beside him, “Ming Chuan, do you want to challenge Xue Long?”

He was around 40 and his aura was different from that of the other generals. He nodded, “I am willing to fight for the prime minister!”

“Then go, take back the troops for me! If you succeed, you will be rewarded!”



Ming Chuan stood up and jumped onto the platform. His speed was shockingly fast.

Hufen General picked up his bloodied mace and laughed, “You don’t even have a weapon so how are you fighting me? Go get a weapon and I will teach you a lesson!”

He laughed, “Why do I need a weapon to kill an idiot like you, my Shocking Lightning Fist is enough!”

Ming Chuan got ready, he spread his right leg and raised his fist. Lightning wrapped around his fist. As expected, he was someone that cultivated lightning laws.

Hufen General roared and he charged with his mace.


Ming Chuan was even faster. He sunk down to dodge that strike and he sled next to Hufen General to punch his right leg.

“Kacha”, that was the sound of his legs being broken. But Hufen General was strong and he continued to stand there. He raised his mace and smashed it towards the ground.


Dust billowed and he missed once more. In terms of speed, Ming Chuan was much faster than him. He flashed behind him and raised his fist. His entire right fist turned into a lightning that pierced through Hufen General’s back. Another crack and his spine were stabbed. Even his intestines popped out. One could see his heart and it was a tragic sight!

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