Chapter 1248- 3 god kings
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Zhan Long Chapter 1248- 3 god kings

The dozen of us rode on the path. I understood that the prince was the only prince of the empire and the king loved him. The empire had 5 million people and it was a decent-sized empire with 400 thousand troops and three god kings. One was the teacher, the other two were generals.


The God Dragon Horse’s movement speed was far above the prince and his guards’. I moved slowly and chatted with the guards, “I just entered Earth Realm and don’t understand the situation. How many of such empires are there?”

He glanced at me and looked like he was looking at someone stupid, “You don’t even know that? There are 57 empires here and Capital Spirit is one of them but we aren’t to be underestimated. Although we can’t compare to the few in the middle but we have three god kings. That is enough to scare off the few surrounding empires!”

I was shocked, so having three god kings were strong? I asked, “How many god kings are there in Earth Realm?”

The prince looked at me and said, “There are 77 recorded but one of them died in battle, so unfortunate…”

I looked at him and asked, “When I was in Human Realm, the weakest person was at least Scattered Spirit Realm, but here many people are even weaker than that.”

Actually, the hidden meaning of my words was that the people here were so weak, I just didn’t say it out loud.

A guard understood and scolded, “Preposterous. Kid, although you are strong but don’t forget that you are on Capital Spirit land. Even the three God Kings have to respect His Majesty so how can you be so arrogant?”

I smiled, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I just don’t understand.”

At that moment, the prince showed the magnanimity of a royal family member, “Actually it isn’t embarrassing. Although we are Shattered Silence World’s Earth Realm but we are a native continent and there are over 400 million natives. We are one of them. Our cultivation, education etc are from this world. Dozens of God kings descended from the sky and looked like they wanted to rule over all of us but we didn’t give up our place and dignity.”

So that was the case, this Earth Realm had people before, no wonder it was like this.

I returned my sword to my sheath and cupped my fists, “Thank you your highness!”

The prince was filled with stubbornness and a fighting spirit and he was really similar to Lochlan. He smiled, “Don’t worry hero, our empire respects the strong. Although you won’t be able to get honor like the god kings but it won’t be too bad.”

I couldn’t suppress my curiosity and asked, “What happened when the God Kings descended on this land?”

The prince was stunned, “This is a period of history that we aren’t willing to bring up and has been sealed for ten thousand years.”

“What do you mean?”

He gritted his teeth and wasn’t willing to continue. The guard beside him understood and cupped his fists, “Sir, let me explain.”

“En, please.”

The guard grabbed his reins and dashed into the distance and said, “Ten thousand years ago, this world only had four kingdoms and we were all living in peace. The first God King descended and next was the second and third. They were blood thirsty and killed the top cultivators, swallowing their strength to improve themselves. Very quickly there was over 20 and they started wars. The entire continent was in chaos and the kingdoms started to split. In the end, they split into over 30 kingdoms. Now we have 57, 41 of them are led by God Kings. God Kings pretty much rule everything here!”

The guard’s voice trembled, “No matter how we fight back, we were just too weak and we could only get ruled by them.”

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I sucked in a deep breath. So this was what happened. God Kings weren’t as noble as I thought, on the contrary, they had power and were just conquerors. Gods were just like that.

Thinking about that, a light flashed in my eyes, “What about Capital Spirit Kingdom? How are the three god kings?”

“This…” The guard didn’t dare to say anything.

The prince looked at me and stopped, “Hero what is your name, are you really willing to serve the kingdom?”

I looked at him solemnly and said, “My name is Li Xiao Yao and I come from a place you call the mortal world. I am a general in the Tian Ling City Royal Army and I came here to get a god divinity to ascend. Strictly speaking, I am a consumer but I won’t attack the weak. If I am here for a day, I will serve Capital Spirit Kingdom for a day.”

The prince was a little emotional, “A warrior from another region? Are the prophecies true?”


“Thousands of years ago, a prophet predicted that a warrior will come and solve our trouble and bring glory to us!”


I laughed, was this one of the quests?

A flame armored guard at the side mocked, “Your highness, this Li Xiao Yao just has some strength but he has no god power at all. Not to mention the God King, even the top 12 guards would win him in three rounds. To rely on him to deal with God Kings? Preposterous!”

The prince had similar worries but he still said, “Don’t underestimate him, after we return we will know everything.”

I said, “What are the attitudes of the three God Kings?”

The prince wanted to say something but he stopped himself.

The guard beside said, “God King Dong Ming came 30 years ago and got the previous emperor’s trust and he became the teacher. When this generation’s king took over, he pretty much controlled the entire kingdom and he made his brother Xue Sha as the general. Xue Sha is a God King and not long later they summoned another God King Lu Xiong to be the front general. These three took the power away from the royal family. A month ago they even married the princess which is his highness’s sister.”

“Stop it.”

The prince raged, “Enough…”

I finally understood everything. I was wondering why the three god kings would serve these normal people. Seemed like the king was just a puppet. The true masters were the three god kings. That was okay, I could fight them without any worry.

The guard’s face flushed red and he clenched the handle, “Your Highness, we are soldiers but we have to watch his majesty get humiliated. That is an insult to our pride. As long as you give an order, we will charge at the teacher’s manor and slice off his head!”

His scolded, “Li Xun, do you still not understand? You are not his match, no matter what we do we will just die. Rather than that, why not just wait for a chance!”

Li Xun was speechless!

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, since I am here in the capital then I won’t leave empty handed. I will challenge them. No matter if I win or lose, I will still challenge them.”

“You are really willing? But…” The prince gritted his teeth, “I don’t want you to die for nothing, why not… You be my guards captain and wait for a chance?”

“No need, I am confident in myself.”

Li Xun said, “Since Li Xiao Yao is so determined, then why not… Your Highness, the army is having their selection tomorrow. The general Xue Sha will be there, using this chance, let him join in. If he wins he would be able to fight with Xue Sha. Xue Sha said that whoever beats him will win 400 thousand troops from him!”

“This... Is it really okay?” The prince hesitated.

I laughed, “This is a good chance but I am not a general in the army so can I really?”

The prince laughed, “That is a small matter. My father’s talisman is with me. After we return I can just promote you to be a side general and you can head over with me tomorrow and join in, but… Xue Sha is cruel and in his dozens of years here, he killed hundreds. Slightly stronger soldiers all died to him.”

“That is okay, I am not afraid of death, have some confidence in me.”

My tone was really relaxed and that affected the prince, “Okay then, good luck Li Xiao Yao!”


Sunset, we arrived in Capital Spirit City.

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