Chapter 1245- Fighting God Ancestor again
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Zhan Long Chapter 1245- Fighting God Ancestor again

Next day, I woke up early in the morning.

Another big meal and I was really full as I knew that I didn’t have much time to go offline to eat.



I went online and appeared in Black Flame Castle. I went online within the palace and a blue light wrapped around me. It was the protected state for 1 second when I went offline so no one could attack me. Along with my vision clearing, that state was removed. Not far away, two Scattered Spirit guards charged over and panicked, “Sir, not good!”

“What happened?” I asked.

One of them said, “God Ancestor Li Xin led his men and are outside. He said that he wants to take revenge for his friend Chris and is asking you to head out or he will sweep the whole Black Flame City!”

“Oh, who is Li Xin?” I was confused.

He explained, “The person that Chris fled to ask for help from. Li Xin and Chris have always been close!”

“So that is the case!”

I smiled and pulled out Butterfly, “Lead the way. I shall meet this Li Xin and see how strong he is!”

Right when I was about to leave, a voice spread from the corner, “Sir.”

I turned around and saw Eve, the girl that Chris had kidnapped. After Chris was killed she just stayed here. Her clothes were clean and she wasn’t raped or anything. A guard followed behind her. Probably Luo Zhao left her here and waited for me to decide.

“What is it Eve?” I asked.

She bit her teeth, she wanted to say something but stopped. After a few seconds, she said, “I saw this Li Xin when I was cultivating with my father. He cultivates space laws and can kill people without showing himself. Be careful! Li Xin is not as strong as Chris but he is ten times more scary!”

So she wanted to remind me maybe because she felt like I was a good person and she didn’t want me to die. If not she would end up in Li Xin’s hands and her outcome wouldn’t be good.

I nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry, I will return!”


Outside the palace, Luo Zhao had gathered the men. 100+ Scattered Spirit cavalries were prepared. They carried Black Flame City’s flag and followed me to the city gate. Black Flame City wasn’t big and I arrived five minutes later. Many guards were here and they were all tense. It seemed like they were about to clash with the enemy.


The gate slowly opened. I summoned Mei Er and instantly entered Icy Wings state. I floated a meter above the ground. Outside the city, there were many people here holding black flags. At the front was a celestial looking person in a robe. Was that Li Xin? He looked like a scholar!

Luo Zhao followed behind and stopped 50 meters away, “Sir, others can’t interfere in a battle of God Ancestors. We shall wait here!”


I knew that they were actually just waiting for an outcome. They would follow whoever wins. There was no need to lose their lives in such a battle. There were numerous cities in Human Realm and even if there weren’t a thousand God Ancestors, there were a few hundred. There would be such battles every day?

Others couldn’t interfere in such battles. With such rules, for players to get god divinities, they would have to solo. That was really cruel, players were just helping these Bosses pass time.


Li Xin’s robe floated and he looked at me calmly, “Kid, you killed Chris? He is a God Ancestor, what despicable way did you use to kill him and steal his city?”

I found it amusing and pulled out my sword, “I didn’t use any method, I just defeated him. Why you want to take revenge? Then come on then, stop your nonsense.”

Anyways we were going to fight so there was no point in talking so much.

Li Xin was instantly infuriated. He grabbed and a green instrument appeared in his hands. That was… A Chinese oboe? Impossible, this plane actually had such a thing, was he going to blow me to death?

In the next moment, Li Xin showed me how terrifying it was. He started to blow it and the music wasn’t noisy and it was relaxing. The sound suddenly turned into metal ringing and space started to twist. An invisible blade hit my stomach!


As expected, his attack wasn’t as high as Chris but his attacks were invisible and couldn’t be blocked.

I couldn’t just sit here!

I charged over. I spread my hand and used Great Realm of Desolation!


There was an explosion and I actually didn’t deal much damage. He used his spell to form a shield around him! I used Star Shield and charged close!


Space twisted once more but this time I predicted things and used Star Shield to block. My hand shook and two strikes hit my shield. My Butterfly also stabbed into his shield. I used Strength of a Thousand Men and that caused him to retreat. His blowing motion also slowed down.

Good, attacks could affect his spell casting, that made things easier!

I was slightly delighted. However, what happened next proved that I was so wrong. He smiled and then the oboe left his mouth. He roared and wind blades surged around him. I actually couldn’t move at all and I was swallowed by an invisible space magic.


Terrifying, what was even happening?

I took a close look, that skill was called “Twisting Gravity Tune”, I shall pay attention to it.

I took ten steps back and used Cleansing Rain to heal, I also drank a health potion. I summoned the Ancient God Tiger to help but it wasn’t his match and after a short while was down to low health. Using this time I set up an Azure Dragon Crossbow. I also used Destiny Card and Seven Star Teleportation to charge at him!


A heavy strike and my charge stunned him for a second. I used Wind Carrying Strike and that dealt a terrifying number while also absorbing much health, bringing me back to full. This made me confident that I could battle! I used Star Shield and used this hit and run strategy to deal damage. I also noticed that as long as I appear behind him, I would cause his magic to lose focus and his spells would be interrupted.

Thus, this battle became very skill dependent. I wrapped around him while dodging his skills. He wasn’t stupid and flashed into the distance. After which he used a large scale magic attack but it couldn’t insta kill me. Instead, he was being chased back by me and his health started to drop.

His Twisting Gravity spell’s cooldown was 35 seconds which meant that after he used it, I would use Seven Star Teleportation to dodge it. That infuriated him. This battle became a torture for him, it was an insult for him. Even his men felt like their God Ancestor was being suppressed.

No choice, stats were king. I had lifesteal and could also force him back. He was a mage and his strength couldn’t compare to mine. So my knockback effect was more apparent. 50% chance to interrupt spells and also 10% chance to stun. Li Xin who was being attacked by me had no way to fight back!

The people that were more shocked were Eve and Luo Zhao. They had never seen such a battle. To them, space law god Li Xin that they felt was omnipotent was getting played by me. All his skills were being eaten up by me. If there was a reason to blame that would be that his strength wasn’t as high as mine and he couldn’t insta kill me.


Once I grasped the key of it, the battle became really simple. After 40 minutes, Li Xin’s health was down to 2%. I looked at my skills and both Destiny Card and Wind Carrying Slash were up. Along with Double Hit, I would be able to insta kill him right?

Li Xin roared in rage but that didn’t do anything. He couldn’t even run and he was being forced back and stunned by me. He definitely had an escape skill but he had no chance to use it at all.

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Right at that moment, Eve said, “Sir, don’t kill him!”

“Why?” I questioned.

Eve said, “My father is being locked by Chris in some mysterious swamp but no one knows where. This Li Xin and Chris are together and he must know. Please help me find out.”

I frowned, “Give me a reason why I should help you.”

She gritted her teeth, “Father once followed my uncle to Earth Realm and he knows how to get there. He can bring you there and complete your dream!”

When I heard that, I grabbed Li Xin’s arm while using Heaven Control with my left hand. I grabbed a chain they used to lock up their mounts and tied up Li Xin’s arm, “Send him back to the city!”

Li Xin was humiliated but there was nothing he could do.


As for Li Xin’s army, they were scattered. If they entered Black Flame City they would be opposition forces with Luo Zhao and they might fight. After all, I couldn’t remain here and I will head to Earth Realm. I had to let Black Castle settle down, then Dong Cheng Yue would be able to get a low grade God Divinity.

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