Chapter 1244- Love you the most
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Zhan Long Chapter 1244- Love you the most

I summoned the system elf and wanted to go offline. In the next moment, my body and mind separated from the game world. My eyes went black and I entered the waiting interface of the helmet. The powerless feeling of my body disappeared as I went offline. I took off the helmet. I didn’t expect that I had been in the Illusionary Realm for 11 hours, it felt like a short moment!


I adjusted my clothing before heading out.

In the hall, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi were all there and I could hear people cooking in the kitchen. It seemed like there was going to be a feast today. One always had good things to eat when you lived with a bunch of rich people.

“You finally came offline!” Lin Wan Er smiled at me.

I walked to the sofa and sat down beside her. I naturally wrapped my arms around her shoulder and smiled, “I have spent so much time in game, did anything happen outside?”

Lin Wan Er said, “For example a new battle at Dragonslayer Fortress?”


I was shocked, “Didn’t Dragonslayer Fortress get taken back? What happened?”

“Demon Mountain and Gaia wanted to rebuild the fortress, but… Rumor represented Heaven Planning Hall and felt that the Dragonslayer Fortress should belong to china. After all, it was too far from Nine Heavens City and they didn’t have the ability to defend it.”

I laughed.

Tang Qi smiled too and asked, “Xiao Yao what are you laughing about?”

I said, “Dragonslayer Fortress is between the valleys of Territory of the Wild Dragon and it isn’t very good. If the Hybrid Demons attack, Barbarian Wolf Cavalries and Demon Hall Cavalries will be able to sweep through. Previously Azure was able to open the gates of hell and summon a storm. Would he summon rain next time? If the rain continues for a day, the Hybrid Demons would be able to dig through and drown Dragonslayer Fortress. Without sending a troop, the people there would all die. So I think we can give it up, choosing to build a fortress there wasn’t smart in the first place.”

I added ,”Especially since Hybrid Demon Territory has a smart lord like Pearl, this made such a bad strategy even worse.”

I asked, “Which guilds support taking over Dragonslayer Fortress?”

Wan Er said, “Rising Sun like Blood, Soaring Dragon, House of Prestige etc. Legend too so they might fight for it. With so many people supporting along with Nine Heavens City objecting to it, Demon Mountain might give up on it.”

“Why will Fang Ge Que support this, he should be able to think of the things I have said.” I frowned.

Wan Er smiled and rested her head on my shoulder, “He isn’t willing to see it fall to the hands of others. He posted on the forums and his attitude is to get it back but not rebuild it.”

“That is a wise choice.” I praised.

Lin Wan Er twisted her body to look at me, “What about you in Illusionary Realm? I will reach level 235 tomorrow.”

I nodded and looked at Tang Qi, “Will you leak the secrets?”

He touched his nose, “Scoff, what do you think I am…”

“Okay then.”

I described what I had been through and everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect there to be such a huge world in the Illusionary Realm. Destiny really developed this game well. Everyone thought that it would be a map that was filled with Bosses for players to search for god divinities. But now we could confirm that it was a new world that was far from just a map.

“God Ancestor… God King… God Emperor…” Lin Wan Er smiled, “Seems strong!”

“Right, I killed a God Ancestor and nearly had to use all my skills.”

I rested on the sofa and hugged her, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to face a God King. Right, what about the others? Fang Ge Que and Sky Rose should have entered already right?”


Lin Wan Er said, “But they brought two unfortunate pieces of news. Based on what the American players said, Sky Rose didn’t even enter Human Realm. She faced two Scattered Spirits and one hunter and died! Fang Ge Que entered Human Realm but lost when he faced a God Ancestor.”

I was shocked, “That shouldn’t be the case? Fang Ge Que actually failed?”

“An Assassin God Ancestor with many gap closing skills.”

“This… No wonder.”

Fang Ge Que relied on kiting to kill God Ancestors but when he faced a boss with many gap closers, he would only die. Three Dimension Leaps were all he had. Moreover, God Ancestors’ resistance was too high and the chance of ice skills working was really low. This made it even harder for Fang Ge Que to solo kill the boss.

Probably the easiest job to deal with the boss would be the heavy armored ones. Battle Reflux Style heavy armored players had the highest chance. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han would probably love the God World!

“I didn’t expect ascending to be so tough…” Tang Qi said, “I was originally filled with anticipation, now… I shall wait, wait for others to gain experience and then enter…”

“Hopeless.” I looked at him in disdain, “You are the strongest from Tang Sect, you need to be ambitious, kill God Kings and kill God Emperors…”

Tang Qi nearly teared up, “I don’t live in an illusion…”

Dong Cheng Yue placed her phone down and moved over. She hugged my other hand and smiled sweetly, “Brother Xiao Yao!”

“What do you want?” I stared at her.

“Are you not planning to use your low grade divinity?”

“En, why Dong Cheng?”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked her eyes, “Then leave it for me. Wan Er and I will ascend together tomorrow so just leave it for me or it would be a waste!”

I laughed, “Oh, when did our Dong Cheng become so hopeless, just one low grade god divinity is enough for you?”

“Actually no.”

Dong Cheng Yue pushed her chest out, “The key is that your divinity is fire element, my Flame Beast Charge, Magma Lance, Fire Qilin Protection etc are all fire element. Think about it, there are only seven God Emperors so I can’t solo any. There are just a few God Kings, at most 50? At most 7-8 of them are fire elements and how many players are there? Rather than wait for that small chance, why not get one and then be the first to level above 235. I can become the top in the world momentarily right?”

I opened my eyes wide and looked at this brat differently. Dong Cheng Yue was really intelligent in this and knew when to give up. No wonder she was our top mage. Very good!

I thought about it and said, “Okay!”

“Really?” She cheered, if Wan Er wasn’t there she would have given me a kiss or something.

I continued, “Then listen up, I am at Human Realm in a city called Black Flame City. After I go online I will pass it to the guards general called Luo Zhao and tell him to hand it only to a girl called Dong Cheng Yue. That will be your chance.”

Dong Cheng Yue was delighted and pecked me on my cheeks, “Love you!”

Tang Qi was speechless.

I turned around to console Wan Er but luckily she had gotten used to it. She pouted and wanted a proper kiss from me. I felt quite awkward. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I were too close such that Dong Cheng and I were besties. But Wan Er knew that there was nothing between us, at least not for me. If not, her temper wouldn’t allow her to bear with it.


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At that moment, the chef served the dishes. He looked at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s white legs and Tang Qi scoffed, “Uncle, continue to serve the dishes after you see enough, we are so hungry!”

The uncle awkwardly went to get the other dishes.

I didn’t say anything. No choice, they were girls with white skin and their legs were long. Even I would glance at them much less people like the chef. As long as they didn’t have any bad thoughts then it would be fine. Moreover, they didn’t dare. People who dared to stay here knew their background. If they dared to touch them, they would be asking for death.


A big meal. It was too late so I wasn’t planning to stay up. Thus I drank some red wine which helped with sleep.

It was late so I quietly entered slumber.

Tomorrow would be another day of fighting. I would challenge the God King. I had skills, equipment etc that Fang Ge Que, Demon Mountain, Sky Rose didn’t have. I had to get a God King or God Emperor divinity and continue to ascend!

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