Chapter 207: Confrontation with the Maniac (3)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 207: Confrontation with the Maniac (3)

Constantine's eyes seemed capable of devouring people, and his mouth, which stretched as if holding up a coat hanger, made Kanon feel as though she had fallen into an ice cave.

Whether she faced him head-on or tried to avoid him, the outcome might be the same.

So instead of sitting around waiting for death, it was better to rise up and fight back.

"Since you've interrupted my entertainment, let's have you amuse me now!"

The rope loosened from Xiao Xue and then coiled around Kanon's neck like a venomous snake.

The surrounding girls let out piercing screams.

Kanon was completely out of place with her surroundings. She remained calm, never showing a trace of fear.

Constantine felt his authority being challenged. He put away his smile and slowly tightened the rope.

Seeing this, Kanon not only didn't look afraid but actually seemed more at ease.

Constantine enjoyed seeing the terrified expressions of women facing death. If she remained calm, it would humiliate him.

This was undoubtedly a risky move.

No one knew if humiliation would make Constantine fly into a rage or become more interested in Kanon.

However, Kanon had no other choice.

Run, she couldn't escape.

Fight, she couldn't win.

She could only take a gamble!

Kanon's face gradually turned pale, but she still wore a smile. With all her strength, she forced out a sentence through clenched teeth, "If you kill me, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun."

Constantine stared into Kanon's eyes.

In those eyes, there was pity, even disdain.

It was as if Kanon were a high-class citizen savoring a top-grade, fresh steak, while he was a lowly wretch sipping rotten offal soup.

Suddenly, Kanon felt the rope around her neck loosen. Her heart was still pounding, and even her fingers were trembling uncontrollably. She placed her hands behind her back, and raised her head, still maintaining her elegant posture.

"Fun?" Constantine laughed. "How much fun can you give me?"

Kanon was silent for a moment, then suddenly she remembered the hint—"Words have power."

It was said that Constanti

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