Chapter 176: Dennis's Bet
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"New here?"


"Go work in this mine."

The supervisor shook his head, issued Dennis his tools, and then stopped paying any further attention. People like him didn't last an hour in the mines; he just hoped Dennis would die far away.

Dennis, carrying his tools, quickly started working. Although he didn't say a word, his ears were not idle.

"How come the new guy isn't wearing a mask?"

"Does he want to die?"

"Shall we make a bet? I bet he dies within thirty minutes, one year off my sentence."

"He looks strong; I bet an hour, one year off my sentence."

So, sentences could be traded?

That means there are ways to reduce one's sentence other than just working.

Thinking this, Dennis immediately straightened up and approached these workers, extending three fingers, saying:

"Count me in. If I don't last thirty minutes, I'll give each of you three years from my pay. If I do, each of you will give me one year. How about it?"

There were five workers participating in the bet, and the gamble didn't seem to favor Dennis's side.

"Deal, we'll take that bet!"

The workers witnessed each other's promises, making an oath.

Even if Dennis died before thirty minutes, the workers had ways to "transfer" their own sentence to Dennis, so they weren't worried about him reneging on the deal.


Dennis turned back to work.

Meanwhile, the others went about their tasks while watching Dennis for entertainment.

Surprisingly, not only did Dennis not show any signs of discomfort, but he also worked with increasing vigor. After ten minutes, the others began to notice something odd.

Dennis wasn't breathing.

Thirty minutes in, Dennis extended his right hand towards them, "I've lasted more than thirty minutes. Shouldn't you be giving me what you owe?"

"You monster..."

"Are you a modified human?"

"How could a modified human be a third-class citizen?"

The workers were frustrated but extended their right hands nonetheless.

Dennis carefully observed their actions. They slid their wrists in a 'z' pattern, then pressed their wri

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