Chapter 177: City Exploration
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 177: City Exploration

The man, named Er Gou (Second Dog), is a thug from the Dark Street.

Despite being a thug, Er Gou has a keen eye.

The woman in front of him, with her fair skin, doesn't look like a typical third-class citizen. Aren't all other third-class female citizens broad and sturdy, looking almost like men?

People like her usually come from families that have encountered major trouble, where parents had to sacrifice their own lives for their daughters'.

Such ladies, who have never needed to work for a living, find it impossible to secure jobs in the shantytowns and often resort to underhanded methods to survive, including selling their bodies when desperate.

Kanon didn't understand what Er Gou was getting at; she simply pointed at his head.

"Why can you breathe the air here?"

"Is that any of your business? My sentence is short enough for me to breathe till I die."

"How did you manage that? Just tell me, and I can fulfill any request of yours."

"You're not worthy to know."

Er Gou shook his head.

Such a woman, as stupid as a pig, yet so arrogantly spoken. He thought he could gain some advantage from her, but she didn't know how to speak properly.

Er Gou stood up to leave, but Kanon stopped him with her hand.

"What do you want?"

"I said, I can fulfill any request of yours." Kanon raised an eyebrow, unbuttoning one of her shirt buttons.

Er Gou's face visibly elongated, and he scoffed, "Sorry, I'm gay. Try that trick on someone else."


Kanon frowned, still blocking Er Gou's path, "I don't believe you. When I passed by earlier, you were clearly staring at my legs."

"Are you sick? In this kind of environment, who's interested in that? Do you still think you're a first-class citizen? We third-class citizens are already tired of living, let alone wasting energy on women."

Er Gou pushed Kanon away and left.

Kanon bit her lip, convinced that this man was a very special character in the plot, and she could extract useful information from him.

Now, she just lacked an opportunity.

With this thought, Kanon didn't h

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