Chapter 175: Xi Wang's Bad Habits
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 175: Xi Wang's Bad Habits

(Your hourly earnings after all the reductions are only one year off your sentence per hour, working at least 10 hours a day can get you a 10-year sentence reduction.)

(In the mine, working overtime does not earn extra rewards, but you still need to work day and night.)

(After finishing your meal, you worked overtime for a while.)

(When the work was over, you left the mine.)

(There is nothingness before your eyes.)

(You stopped the deduction!)

This time, the deduction basically clarified the entire work process, but he still hasn't found a breakthrough.

A coworker once hinted that the supervisor in the mine has an extraordinary family background, so Gu Yi decided to try to take control of the supervisor in the deduction.

(The backtracking deduction begins!)

(After finishing your meal, you try to communicate with the supervisor.)

(You use psychological suggestions on the supervisor.)

(The supervisor walks towards you, but the service robot next to him arrives first.)

(Robot: You have violated rule C-034, your sentence is increased by ten thousand years...)

(You use your black orb to capture the robot.)

(The supervisor is startled and immediately recovers from the state of psychological suggestion.)

(Soon, a large number of robots flood into the mine and capture you.)

(Robot: You have violated rule A-001, your sentence is increased by ten thousand years...)

(You are taken to prison by the robots.)

(You stopped the deduction!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and pondered for a while.

Clearly, rule C-034 must be related to weird powers. The characters in this dungeon have weak mental strength; his skills could easily overpower them, but the robots are highly sensitive.

The containment center's clerk had mentioned that to move freely, one must own a service robot. The robot's role, presumably, is surveillance; it can detect citizens breaking the rules and increase their penalties instantly.

Moreover, service robots cannot be easily destroyed; damaging a service robot would lead to more robots arresting him.

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