Chapter 174: The Method of Calculating Sentences
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 174: The Method of Calculating Sentences

Gu Yi stood up from the toilet and washed his face at the sink.

Up to now, all his conclusions were just guesses. The dungeon gave him a whole month, which was enough for him to slowly uncover the worldview of the dungeon and the unspeakable's weaknesses.

Gu Yi had figured out all the instant-death flags along the way and safely arrived at the space jump station.

The breathing apparatus weighed about twenty pounds, somewhat heavy on his back.

However, the character Gu Yi played had good physical strength, and he could also use psychological suggestions on himself without limit, so this piece of equipment was nothing to him.

The staff led Gu Yi alone to the teleportation platform, emphasizing the precautions over and over again.

"Remember, the breathing apparatus you're carrying is very expensive, it can't be damaged even if you die."

Gu Yi wanted to ask something, but remembering that the staff were second-class citizens and he had no right to chat with them, he closed his mouth.


"Alright, then go in. Your task is to collect T-091 minerals, you should see your coworkers after you get there, good luck."

Gu Yi nodded and stepped onto the teleportation platform.

Passing through a void.

Gu Yi's feet touched the ground again, he looked around, it was an underground mine, with the sound of mining clinking in the distance. He didn't rush into the depths but stood at the entrance and closed his eyes.

(Deduction begins!)

(You walk into the mine entrance.)

(You find that all the coworkers inside are third-class citizens like you.)

(The only one not working is a second-class citizen, followed by a palm-sized robot floating beside him, acting as a supervisor.)

(You guess, this is the "service robot" mentioned earlier.)

(You approach the second-class citizen.)

(You: I'm new here.)

(Second-class citizen: Go straight and turn left, to that mine pit inside.)

(You follow the instructions and go there.)

(You arrive at the destination, work as the second-class citizen requested, and find that the s

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