Chapter 173: The Starting Point of Adventurers (2)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 173: The Starting Point of Adventurers (2)

Qu Kangping shook his head.

In fact, he had already guessed the answer to a great extent, but he still gave this opportunity to stand out to Xi Wang.

She was a girl, and moreover a paratrooper.

She needed to take over Ah Jian's position, so this was a good opportunity to establish her prestige.

The strategy team didn't look at gender or background, but only at capability.

As long as you are brave and smart enough, everyone will respect you.

Xi Wang rolled her eyes and picked up a few adventurer profiles on the table.

"Sakura Country: Hattori Kanon, the young mistress of a Japanese financial conglomerate, famously sociable in the entertainment circle, with countless rumors of relationships, her spawn point is in prison.

Lighthouse Country: Arthur, from Gotham City's middle class, his family owns a rubber factory, is somewhat wealthy, and spawn point is in an apartment.

Curry Country: Raj, belonging to the Dalit, also known as the lower caste, spawn point is in the most difficult containment station.

Did everyone notice any pattern?

The wealthier the family, the higher the social status, the more famous, the easier the spawn point. Others' starting points are already what you can never reach.

Obviously, our Gu Yi was born into an ordinary family, so he had to start from hell difficulty."

"Well said."

Qu Kangping nodded, Xi Wang's analysis was completely in line with his own view.

Other agents glanced at Xi Wang, asking, "Captain Xi, what should we do next?"

Xi Wang turned her head and glanced at the monitor.

At this moment, Gu Yi was still propping his chin, sitting on the toilet in thought. And here people were unsure of what he was thinking.

"We don't have much to do, continue to deal with keyboard warriors, even if the adventurers can't see these comments, we find them annoying."


The agents concluded the meeting and left the conference room.

Gu Yi was still sitting on the toilet in thought, Xi Wang felt somewhat bored, so she switched to another channel.

The girl from Sakura Country, K

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