Chapter 146: The Secret of Section B (2)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 146: The Secret of Section B (2)

"Chris's evil spirits initially could only harm ordinary people, but now they can even harm slightly stronger NPCs."

"The Librarian's strength isn't really that strong. An S-rank power talent would be enough to deal with him."

"But he sure can run…"

Amidst the audience's comments in the live chat, Chris entered the chaotic space of Section B.

He casually picked up a book, flipped through it briefly, and then lost interest.

"It's all just headache-inducing text. Without that broken dictionary, I can't understand any of it."

Chris, lacking Gu Yi's powerful mental strength, couldn't smoothly decipher the text, even with a dictionary.

He took out a map and, without any item guidance, successfully found the tallest bookshelf.

Chris climbed to the top of the bookshelf using his hands and feet, glanced at the handwritten note, tore it to shreds, and threw it away, then took the hidden copper key.


Chris jumped down from the bookshelf and successfully found the hidden door in Section B. He inserted the key into the lock but suddenly felt a chill.

An inexplicable fear prevented him from turning the key.


Chris swallowed hard and closed his eyes to activate his spirit vision.

The tall stone door in front of him was emitting a blood-red glow. He screamed and quickly dropped the key.

—Red, represents a danger that could easily kill him.

"Damn it, so much red? I'm outta here!"

Chris ran as fast as he could.

The audience was puzzled, with "?" filling the screen.

"Leader, why did that kid run?"

"It must be his inspiration alerting him," Qu Kangping said. "There seems to be something formidable behind that door."



The Librarian was leaning against the wall, snoring loudly, with the half-empty bottle of wine at his feet.

"He's really unskilled but a fun-loving person, getting drunk after just a few sips."

Gu Yi squatted beside the Librarian, took the key to the gate of Section B from his embrace, and confidently walked into Section B.

With the help of his lighter, Gu Yi quickly

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