Chapter 145: The Secret of Section B (1)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 145: The Secret of Section B (1)

"Gu Yi!"

The invigilator called Gu Yi's name.

Gu Yi went to the office and received a new dream fragment, and the system's notification arrived as expected.

"Your plot exploration rate has increased."

"The current plot exploration rate is 53%."

After receiving the reward, Gu Yi returned to the dormitory with his roommates. He lay in bed for a short rest to recover his mental strength.

At night, the library opened, and most of his roommates left the dormitory. Gu Yi took this opportunity to go to the toilet and prepared a bottle of magic potion.

With two bottles of magic potion in hand, Gu Yi successfully reached the top of the dormitory building, retrieved the wine from the wreckage of the spaceship, and safely returned to the dormitory.

He concealed the wine in his arms, went to the library, found a spot, placed a book on the table as a disguise, and closed his eyes to begin to deduce.

(The deduction begins!)

(You have arrived at the entrance of Section B.)

(The Librarian sees you and stretches out his hand to stop you.)

(You take out the wine from your embrace, and the Librarian's eyes widen upon seeing the bottle.)

(Librarian: How do you have this thing?)

(You: Oh, it's nothing. I admire you personally, so I bought a bottle of wine...)

(Librarian: Don't think I don't know what you're up to. You just want to get me drunk and then sneak into Section B to steal, right? Dream on, I won't let you in, get lost!)

(You are startled and leave dejectedly.)

(The Librarian quickly walks up and grabs you.)

(Librarian: You can go, but leave the wine. It's important evidence of your bribery, I can't let you take it!)

(You hand the wine to the Librarian.)

(You hide in a dark corner, secretly observing.)

(The Librarian bites open the bottle cap with his mouth and gulps down two large swigs. His face turns red, and he actually starts snoring against the door.)

(You approach and hit and kick the Librarian, but he shows no reaction.)

(After searching the Librarian, you finally find the key to the gate of Sect

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