Chapter 144: Compromise (8)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 144: Compromise (8)

Gu Yi crossed his arms above his head, successfully blocking the coach's dagger.

The coach's eyes widened as he realized what Gu Yi was actually holding. It wasn't a USB drive at all, but a silver lighter!

"Your next line is — 'You little brat, you were playing me all along!'"

"You little brat, you were playing me all along!"

"Heh, so what if I was?" Gu Yi grinned. "Idiot, take a look outside."


The coach looked up, just in time to make eye contact with the police outside the window.

The police, surprised to see the coach attempting violence right before them, quickly drew their guns, aiming at him.


Bang, bang!

The police fired their weapons.

The coach, already cowering and covering his head, scrambled out of the resting room, rolling and crawling away.

Gu Yi hurriedly followed, shouting at the coach, "You scoundrel, you won't get away!"

"F*ck you!"

As the coach ran, he grabbed a trash can from the side of the road and hurled it at Gu Yi.

Gu Yi swiftly dodged out of the way.

Suddenly, the coach slipped, falling hard onto the ground with a loud crash. He cried out in pain as his ankle swelled up.


Narrowing his eyes, the coach saw a banana peel near his feet. If he remembered correctly...

Before the match, Gu Yi had eaten a banana and carelessly thrown the peel into a trash can.

Trembling, the coach pointed a shaky finger at Gu Yi. "You... you monster, was this also part of your plan?"


Gu Yi paused, clearly not understanding what the coach was talking about.

However, he didn't miss the chance to further intimidate the coach. "Of course, everything was in my calculations!"


The coach screamed, struggling to his feet and leaning against the wall to escape. Unfortunately, his twisted ankle slowed him down considerably.

At this moment, the police finally climbed through the window and rushed in. They swarmed over the coach and pinned him to the ground.

"Don't move!"

"Put your hands up!"


During the struggle, the coach's phone fell out of his pocket.

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