Chapter 58 - Welcome to Hell
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Underworld Player Chapter 58 - Welcome to Hell

The bus finally rolled to a stop, after the bumpy interval.

The driver remained in his seat, apparently motionless while outside, the last vestiges of light seemed to have left the sky. At some point, the lights inside the bus had turned on automatically, but they did nothing to illuminate the dark world outside.

Meanwhile, as the air inside the bus became suffused with the metallic smell of blood, a bulging burlap sack with a pair of beautiful legs alternated between stuffing itself with body parts and scuttling eagerly toward the back of the bus.

The creature had a strange way of "eating". As it stood over the dead bodies of the mother and daughter, its legs bent into a squat, lowering the sack. A slit appeared, widening to reveal what looked like a dark, bottomless pit. Something tugged the bodies into the sack, which then wriggled as whatever bizarre entity hidden inside tore them apart. Slabs of flesh fell out of the hole in the sack, staining the once-pristine white stockings on the shapely legs a messy, bloody red.

If not for the burlap sack pausing regularly to pick up the half-digested pieces of flesh that constantly fell out of it, it would have made it to the back of the bus in mere seconds.

The pistol in Lin He's hands was clearly a piece of equipment with the ability to harm spirits, which explained why he had been able to vaporize the little girl's head with one shot. However, the same bullets barely made a dent when they hit the rippling surface of the walking burlap sack.

Xu Feng was a normal person, and beyond being a little more intrepid than most, had no powers to speak of. How could he have been prepared to face the nightmarish horror unfolding before him?

His eyes darted to his unconscious companion in the second-last row. Gritting his teeth, Xu Feng went up to Zheng YaoWen and lifted him off the seat, grunting from the effort, then dragged him into the last row.

He could tell that the two guys next to him had powers beyond those of normal humans, and his survival, as w

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