Chapter 57 - Best Actor
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Underworld Player Chapter 57 - Best Actor

The scenery outside the coach had been gradually growing stranger, the further they travelled. By now, it had changed so much that even the dullest person would have noticed it and sat up in shock.

The first to speak up was one of the two delinquents. "Hey, driver! What the hell kind of road is this?" As the eerie scenery passed by their window, the delinquent sitting in the aisle seat, his arm covered in tattoos, stood up and strode toward the front of the bus, cussing and grumbling.

Neither Lin He nor Bai Zhi made a move to stop him, prudently choosing to sit back and watch the scene unfold.

Soon, the youth made it to the row where the old woman was sitting, but being fully focused on getting to the driver, they didn't even glance to the side.

"Oi! I'm talking to you, driver! Where the fuck..." The delinquent's voice trailed away as their gaze travelled upward. On their face, an expression of terror began to surface.

The balding driver had turned his face toward the delinquent… and kept turning until his neck was twisted at an impossible angle, enabling him to face the delinquent directly. "Dear passenger, please return to your seat."

The driver's neck extended like a snake, and his head rose higher and higher, until it almost touched the roof of the bus. The driver bared his teeth in a rictus grin.

"I, Wang DaHai, have been driving for twenty years and never had a single mishap. You mustn't doubt the professionalism of a veteran driver."

The delinquent was stammering. "A gh... a g-g-ghost..."

Reacting swiftly, his partner got up and grabbed him by the arm. "Ayo? Zheng YaoWen, ya done goofed again! Go on, don't be standin' there like a fool, apologize to the driver!" he yelled as he made apologetic faces at the driver.

"I'm sorry, sir, my bad, my bad. I'm Xu Feng an' I do apologize for my colleague's rudeness. Of course we have complete faith in yer driverly ability..."

The driver cast a languid gaze over the delinquents as his head swayed in mid-air. "Please resume your seats." Wit

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Translator Notes

* Bai Zhi is quoting a scene from the 1993 movie 青蛇 (lit. Green Snake), based on the Legend of the White Snake.
** Also a quote from Green Snake, one that became a meme at one point. Example

Novel Notes

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