Chapter 119: Tan Jiao 16 (3)
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I would not be worried if this was done by some outsider. There were many degenerates in this world, but they would not concern us.

What if this was someone from the Cheng family? After all, the corpses were left not far from them.

So, did this mean that an increasingly psychotic person was staying in this house?

Dread fell over me at the thought of some psychopath living among us. Faces of the Chengs came to mind, but I could not think of anything out of the ordinary with any of them. Could this psychopath be part of the fire that would happen tonight? However, I was confident that Wu Yu and I would be able to stop the fire even if anyone tried to burn the house. We had decided to stay up all night and be on guard.

Even though I was fairly confident about tonight, I still had a feeling that something really dangerous that was outside of our expectations would occur. Then an impulsive thought that could potentially fail came to mind—I would call the only detective I know, Shen Shiyan.

“Hello, this is?” Sheng Shiyan sounded courteous and calm probably because the caller ID showed an unknown number calling from a remote village.

“It’s me, Tan Jiao. We went on a date a few months back. Do you still remember me?”

After a brief lull, he said, “It’s you.”

He always had the ability to make any conversation come to an end.

“Sheng boring, I’ll cut to the chase. Listen to me carefully. This evening, a very serious fire will break out at the Chengs’ house in Qingyang Town, Dalili county. If you believe me, send the police and the fire department here!”

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No sounds came from the phone.

“Did you hear me?” I did not care about what he thought. After all, Wu Yu and I would once again jump back in time half a month later, and Sheng Shiyan and Zhuang Yu would forget everything about what happened now.

I figured he probably thought I was out of my mind right now.

“Tan Jiao, I’m currently in a meeting in Kunming. There’s no way I can make it to that place in time. Not only that, but you need to tell me how you came to this conclusion. Who is going to commit arson? I can’t just send out the police without a valid reason. Also, what did you call me just now?”

I chuckled, let out a sigh, and said, “Sheng boring, if I have the answer to all that, would I need to ask you for help? I came to you because there are some things I can’t explain. Anyway, just believe in me. I’m doing this to save lives. I know you would rather believe there’s something to this than to totally dismiss it.” I ended the call after saying that.

Though he called me several times after that, I did not answer.

I did not know how he would feel or react, but I had done all that I could.

When I finally returned to the house, everything seemed normal. The workers were already busy working in the garden. One of the handsome workers noticed me when I came back and had the shadow of a smile on his face. Just then, I realized that this guy also knew he could flirt

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