Chapter 94 - Dekan's Sharp Critique of Mauleon
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 94 - Dekan's Sharp Critique of Mauleon

"When I finalize the contract, I'll be your manager, and Cornelia will be your assistant. Later, I'll introduce you to our CEO, Mr. Croix."

It was convenient to register a legal company. The Rejoice Church also needed a proper office as its base. The startup capital would be easily provided by Croix.

Although Dekan and Cornelia had some savings, it might not be enough.

As Shadow World raiders, they needed to keep some funds for unexpected needs.

"What do I need to do?" Flora asked.

"At that time, I'll provide guidance on musical arrangement and choreography. You can also express yourself freely. We'll record your performances using props."

Dekan was thinking of discussing with Professor Mergutt from the College of Alchemy on expanding the broadcasting range of their live performances. In the next trial run, he hoped to broadcast their performances to the public areas of various major cities in the Norton Kingdom.

Expanding the broadcast range came with high costs. But, if they could gain attention, the returns would be substantial. The College of Alchemy had many investors, and despite Professor Mergutt understanding the risks of expanding the broadcast range for these two, the temptation of money was hard to resist.

If the profits were high enough, there might be opportunities to apply to the Kingdoms Federation for further expansion.

However, no matter how successful the live broadcasts were, the share that Dekan and Cornelia received would not be excessively high. After all, they were not the owners.

But, if they could leverage this traffic to promote their signed artist, Flora, the returns would be entirely different!

Dekan and Cornelia planned to insert Flora's live performances during their broadcasts. With Flora's talent and the popularity of Dekan and Cornelia's live broadcasts, she would quickly become famous!

They would then carry out various plans in the real world, leading to unimaginable wealth!

"Flora, you'll be the top idol of our Rejoice Agency in the future!"


"That’s great, F

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