Chapter 93 - Dekan's Money Tree
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"How can you find my brother based on the contents of the letter?"

Flora covered her head, contemplating repeatedly.

She couldn't understand Dekan's reasoning at all. Was this the world of smart people?

She felt like there was an insurmountable wall between her and Dekan.

On the other hand, Cornelia, standing by, had a calm expression. She didn't bother thinking about anything at all. She had grown accustomed to being connected with Dekan. The task of thinking was delegated to Dekan and everything could be easily resolved by executing the commands from her brain.

"Give it up, Flora. Just be happy, and don't torture your brain cells."

"Yeah, not thinking about it."

Upon hearing Dekan's advice, Flora immediately became cheerful again. It was as if she had completely forgotten the point she was just troubled about. The speed of this realization left the other three people in the dormitory stunned for a moment. She was truly worthy of the Hanover family’s name.

After spending some more time in Theresia's dormitory, the class-skipping trio bid their farewells.

Theresia had an appointment with friends in the afternoon and couldn't join the three of them for fun.

"Theresia is indeed a kind person!"

Cornelia walked through the campus, casually mentioning. She felt that Theresia was one of the few normal people among the ones Dekan knew. Originally, she thought Dekan would find someone with an eccentric personality.

"Yeah, I’m always causing her trouble."

Dekan noticed that every time he returned from the Shadow World, he would look for Theresia. She was becoming more and more like a guide. If this were a novel, she would definitely be the super NPC who appeared at the beginning of each volume.

The way the author arranged the plot like this was really lame.


The three of them happily followed the plan and played around in the capital.

Then, they came to a cat cafe highly recommended by Flora!

Unfortunately, as expected, an invisible wall seemed to dissipate the cats around Cornelia.

The cats in the ent

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