Chapter 92 - Dekan Decides to Recruit Him
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 92 - Dekan Decides to Recruit Him


Both Dekan and Cornelia remained eerily quiet.

Especially Cornelia, she was profoundly shocked.

She had thought that it’s impossible to play with no regard like they did in the Shadow World in the real world.

But Flora's brother dared to do such things!

Dekan also felt that he had underestimated Mauleon.

The phoenix chick was right beside me...

If I had known about Mauleon's good deeds earlier, I would have dealt with this guy in our hometown!

At least when they were in the border town, Mauleon didn't have that super-strong elf with him. It was likely that they were separated.

In that case, Dekan could still take Mauleon down.

"Although Uncle Hanover has posted a reward, Mauleon must be brought back alive..."

Theresia added with some concern.

"Even needs to be kept alive. The Count is truly a kind and honest man!"

Dekan exclaimed.

He had thought official rewards were the kind where life or death didn't matter.

Keeping this rebel alive would only be trouble for the territory's future internal conflicts.



Dekan and Cornelia exchanged glances and nodded.

The Rejoice Church needed a missionary…

…or a substantial amount of funds.

Either recruit him or cash him out. That was the decision.


Theresia's expression was very complex.

She understood now that Dekan and Cornelia had completely set their sights on Mauleon.

Actually, she wasn't sure if it would be a mutually destructive situation when Dekan, Cornelia, and Mauleon collided.

Because she couldn't predict which side would have the upper hand in the underworld matters.

Of course, the worst-case scenario would be if the three formed an alliance.

That would be an unimaginable disaster.

Seeing Theresia's conflicted expression, Dekan sighed helplessly and said:

"Rest assured, Theresia. I won't harm Mauleon. Our team needs a merchant, and he is an indispensable talent."

"Need a merchant?"

Theresia's expression became even worse.

What legitimate raiding team would specifically recruit someone in this profession?!

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