Chapter 23 - Cornelia Learned Memory Erasure Magic
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 23 - Cornelia Learned Memory Erasure Magic

Inside the cooking classroom:

"Report! I've shouted it a hundred times!" Baron Bacher exclaimed energetically.

"Good, now tell me everything you know about this school," Dekan said as he stood by the window, gazing at the view outside. He had been inspecting the cooking classroom since moments ago.

He had noticed that outside the window was an abyss with no visible bottom. The entire school seemed to be a small island suspended over a hellish abyss. It appeared they couldn't escape beyond the school's boundaries.

"What kind of information are you looking for?" Baron Bacher asked hesitantly, fearing that he might anger Dekan by rambling.

Dekan walked over to Cornelia, who was still pinning Baron Bacher down. He took out the red demon pass from Cornelia's pocket and waved it in front of Baron Bacher.

"What's this for?" Dekan asked.

"It's a Demon Pass, a reward given to outstanding students by the teachers. With this, even if you encounter the headmaster in the hallway during class time, you can hand it over to him and be spared from an attack, and he won't attack you for half an hour," Baron Bacher replied.

"Do you have a Demon Pass?" Dekan inquired.

"I have one," Baron Bacher replied.

"Where is it?"

"In the pocket of my jacket."

"Alright, I see," Dekan said. He had no intention of letting go of Baron Bacher right now to retrieve the pass. Even though Dekan had already subdued him, this kind of spineless demon couldn't be trusted too much. Dekan's body was quite fragile, and given the chance, Baron Bacher could kill him. Although Dekan had already put on the Crown of Suffering, he still feared pain.

"Next, tell me about the location of every facility in this school, as well as the characteristics of the teachers you know," Dekan instructed.

Baron Bacher hesitated for a moment and then answered, "I don't know much about the other teachers because the teachers in this school change frequently."

It seemed that the teacher mortality rate in this school was quite high.

"Who is the strongest teacher in the

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