Chapter 22 - Dekan Conducting Military-style Education
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 22 - Dekan Conducting Military-style Education

“Not bad. Baron Bacher, you’re finally honest for once.”

Dekan clapped his hand and praised Baron Bacher.

His actions caused Baron Bacher to confirm that he was able to read thoughts!

Lies were completely meaningless before him.

He was able to determine what he was truly thinking!

“Well then, your prior actions, that surprise attack, had scared my frail spirit. It left behind an irresistible damage. You’ve caused cruel torment toward me. Do you admit to it?”

Dekan asked.

Baron Bacher did not dare to hesitate and started to crazily deceive himself. He replied, “I… I admit.”

He suspected that Dekan was testing his loyalty and was using his lie-detecting magic as a method to conduct re-education.

No matter how absurd the things Dekan says, he must cooperate with him.

Dekan asked again, “Now, Cornelia is attempting to rescue me. You’re a benevolent person and decided to let me go. Thus, she successfully rescued me. That happened, correct?”

Baron Bacher: “Correct, correct.”

[Mission Objective 2: Rescue at least 3 humans. Current progress: 1/3]

A brilliant smile appeared on Dekan’s face, “Suddenly, you forgot that I was a human. Isn’t that so?”

Baron Bacher: “Yes, you’re absolutely correct!”

[Mission Objective 3: No more than three humans are detected by the demons. Current number of humans still in disguise: 6/6]

As Dekan expected, the mission interface changed again.

“Very good. Baron Bacher, you are now an honest demon. Furthermore, it seemed like you’ve finally opened your heart to me.”

Dekan had an extremely satisfied look on his face. He praised Baron Bacher without holding back.

Baron Bacher shivered. He didn’t know how to accept those words.

Even now, his fear toward Dekan surpassed all his other emotions.

‘Opened his heart.’ Those words were simply too excessive.

However, he didn’t dare refute Dekan. He could only continue to hypnotize himself. I’ve opened my heart to him! I’ve opened my heart to him!

It was only after he confirmed that he started feeling a sense of adoration toward Dekan

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