Chapter 21 - Dekan Conducting Dekan-style Brainwash
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 21 - Dekan Conducting Dekan-style Brainwash

Dekan and Cornelia patiently waited for Baron Bacher to regain consciousness.

The classroom was frighteningly quiet. The only sound that could be heard was Baron Bacher’s occasional incoherent gibberish.

After roughly a minute passed, a bit of expression finally returned to Baron Bacher’s eyes.

“Seems like he’s awake. You can continue to tap him.”

Cornelia nodded at Dekan’s instructions.

Right when Cornelia was about to wave her sledgehammer, Baron Bacher started to shout with all his strength: “Release wuahh! It hur…eaahhh!”

Baron Bacher had gathered up the remainder of his strength to shout those words.

He wanted to say: ‘Release me. We can talk things over.’

He was unable to endure the internal and eternal torment.

He could only pray that Dekan could understand him.


Dekan took a deep sigh and unsummoned the Ruined Poet.

“You wouldn’t have to suffer if you acted this way from the get-go. Having a peaceful chat is the best, who would want to murder each other?”

Baron Bacher: “...”

He did not dare to offer any remark toward Dekan’s words. However, he was cursing in his heart:

With one hand on his cheek and a crafty expression as he looked at Baron Bacher, Dekan asked with an extremely peaceful tone. “Weren’t you the one trying to murder me earlier?”

“No no, I wouldn’t dare!”

Baron Bacher howled in grief.

The more calm Dekan appeared, the more terrified he was.

Baron Bacher had never met such a villainous demon before.

After experience the torture from earlier, Baron Bacher felt as if death wasn’t something to fear over.

Dekan pursed up his lips, seemingly extremely disappointed in Baron Bacher. He waved the card in his hand and said, “I don’t like demons that lie. Let’s have you experience five more minutes of ruined poetries to educate your mind.”

Baron Bacher: “???”

How am I supposed to answer? Do you want me to say that I wanted to kill you and then have you hit me with the hammer?

Although confusion and chaos filled his head, he had no choice but to beg for forgiveness: “No, I wo

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