Chapter 19 - Dekan and Cornelia’s Marvelous Cooperation
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 19 - Dekan and Cornelia’s Marvelous Cooperation

Baron Bacher moved his neck around and readjusted his necktie.

After confirming that he had perfectly repositioned the necktie to the center, he revealed a smile at the two remaining students.

It was as if he had returned to his original gentlemanly demeanor.

“Well then, who will be next?”

Baron Bacher asked with a gentle voice. It was as if nothing happened earlier at all.

“I will.”

Dekan raised his hand without any hesitation.

“Very good.”

Baron Bacher was a bit surprised to see students being so proactive toward the next round of the dangerous game.

Normally, the remaining students would start to panic in fear after the first round finishes.

However, these two not only looked very calm and collected, they were giving off the air of confidence too.

This only made Baron Bacher more intrigued.

He laughed gleefully.

Surprises were always the best seasoning for a dish.

To a hunter, the rarer a prey was, the more valuable it was to capture it.

Baron Bacher propped up another dish. He circled around the edge of the long table in a refined manner to reach Dekan.

Gently, he raised his other hand to remove the silver plate cover.

It was a completely different dish from earlier. It was golden in color and gave off an alluring aroma. There were clear signs of crispiness.

A layer of flaky crust covered the barbeque. Illuminated by the lamp lights, it gave of a faint glimmer.

The plate cover seemed to be enchanted with magic. Even though it has been some time, the dish remained perfectly fresh.

Dekan contained his urge to pick up the plate cover to analyze it and turned his gaze to the food.

He straightened his posture to an upright position, picked up the knife and fork and began to cut the food in an unhurried manner.

The bites he took were not large. He would gently chew the food after every bite.

Mmm, there are multiple outer crispy layers and the barbeque inside is so juicy. On top of all that is the sweet cheese.

This is truly a perfect midnight snack.

The entire process lasted for five minutes.

Dekan placed down his utensils and picked up a napkin to gently wipe his mouth.

“Not bad.”

Dekan leaned back onto his chair as he gave that evaluation.

He even had the urge to fish out his pocket and tip Baron Bacher.

However, he was able to contain himself.

Dekan’s attitude greatly surprised Baron Bacher.

Never had he seen such a leisurely and confident student in his cooking class.

There was no trace of fear at all. Instead, he was acting like a respected guest evaluating the achievements of a chef.

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Why is he acting like I invited him to dinner?

Is he an actual gourmet or is there something wrong with his head?


Baron Bacher couldn’t contain his laughter.

Once his astonishment passed, he felt excitement.

It was an all-new prey.

He was looking forward to seeing this calm student’s expression change from composed to despair. He wanted to see him beg.

I really

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