Chapter 18 - Cornelia Is Happy To Help
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 18 - Cornelia Is Happy To Help

Indeed, Dekan needed a cannon fodder to test out the rules of the game.

Thus, Dekan and Cornelia manhandled the demon student from either side and forced him to enter the classroom at the end of the hallway.

It was as if they were guards transporting a death row prisoner to the gallows.

The two of them pushed open the artistic sculpture-like entrance gate.

An artistic and gorgeous scenery immediately filled their vision.

Compared to a cooking classroom or a kitchen, this room resembled more like a banquet hall. It was decorated in a very similar style to the hallway outside. It was like an invitation to a banquet.

The flames from the silver candleholders and sparkling hanging lamps glistened with a warm and soft glow.

The sculptures on the wall appeared so very gorgeous. A majestic baroque table was placed in the center of the room.

“Welcome to the Cooking Class. I am your teacher, Baron Bacher. I sincerely invite you all to partake in my banquet!”

A low voice sounded in the classroom. Following the voice, the entrance shut with a loud bang.


The Demon Academy has a banquet as a class?

Dekan’s gaze turned toward the direction of the voice.

A sly-looking male demon stood at the end of the classroom. He was donned in a gorgeous white tie attire.

He bowed gracefully toward the three guests before turning his wrist to face his palm upward. He pointed to the carved oaken chairs surrounding the table to hint for the three guests to take seats.

He gave off a slight air of a teacher.

Although this teacher’s words and actions were very friendly, Dekan knew that they were all a pretense.

The reason for that was because Baron Bacher did not conceal the murderous desire in his eyes in the slightest.

The demon student captured by Cornelia was already shivering in fear. He instinctively felt fear toward Baron Bacher.

Instructed by Dekan, Cornelia proceeded toward the left side of the dining table and forced the demon student to take a seat before seating herself.

As for Dekan, he seated himself on the right side, directly across from Cornelia.

Seeing the three students had taken their seats, Baron Bacher revealed a satisfied smile.

He turned around and walked to the rear of the classroom. Soon, he slowly pushed out a small silver dining cart.

Three dishes covered by silver plate covers were present on the cart.

“Today’s lesson is: Culinary Review.”

“I’ve prepared your dishes already. I hope that they will satisfy you all.”

Like a butler, Baron Bacher pushed the dining cart to the side of the long table. Then, he lifted up one of the three dishes.


Baron Bacher’s tone changed. His voice turned high-pitched like a prideful and unhinged artist.

“After enjoying your evening meal, you are required to answer to me what food ingredients and seasoning are used in the meal.”

“That is the exam question for today’s class.”

“Outstanding cooks are able to resonate with the gourmets.”

“If you are able to answer 80% or more corre

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