Chapter 17 - Dekan Searches For A Victim
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 17 - Dekan Searches For A Victim

“Cornelia, follow me.”

Although he was the first person to flee the exam room, Dekan was not in a hurry to flee with Cornelia.

Instead, he brought Cornelia to the corner of a nearby hallway and hid there.

They waited till more demon students fled the classroom. Only then did Dekan and Cornelia start following the demons.

It was very probable for there to be dangers present in the hallway. It was better to follow the demon students and have them scout ahead.

Dekan and Cornelia followed the crowd through the maze-like hallway.

Whenever a split path appears, the students would split into different groups.

Dekan would always choose to follow the largest group of students.

If one doesn’t know where the important facilities such as the cafeteria or library were in a new school, it would be best to proceed toward the direction with the greatest number of people.

Of course, it was obvious that these demon students were not trying to find a place for food or to study.

From their appearance, it seemed that they were searching for a ‘place of refuge.’

They were scared to even run in the hallway. Instead, they were moving with rapid yet quiet and soft steps.

This made Dekan even more certain that it was dangerous to wantonly move about the hallway.

The only exception would be Cornelia.

She was the only student who left the exam room through regular means.

That red-colored demon ticket was most likely used to avoid the ‘danger’ in the hallway.

“Where are we going?”

Cornelia’s quiet voice sounded beside Dekan.

Her speech was extremely fluent. Merely, she can tell that she cannot speak with a loud voice.

“Just follow me.”

“Okay. Thanks for earlier.”

The Shadow Worlds had a mechanism that allowed all challengers to automatically speak the same language. Thus, even if one was to be teamed up with challengers from different nations or a Shadow World with a special sort of background narrative, one will not encounter any language barrier.

Cornelia seemed to be very happy after she discovered that she was able to fluently communicate with Dekan.

Communication was actually this much more liberating in the Shadow World than the real world.

“It’s nothing. I was quite good with the mechanisms of the first classroom. It might be your turn to handle things next.”

Dekan pondered for a bit before asking, “Speaking of it, what’s my current appearance?”

“You look about the same as before. Hmm… it seems like you look a bit better than before.”

Cornelia carefully thought about it before answering.

“...I have a rough idea what sort of demon I’ve become.”

Dekan didn’t want to say it.

But, frankly speaking, it might be useful.

“Are we not joining the other challengers?”

Cornelia asked.

“No, it’s more efficient for us to explore separately. It’s fine for the two of us to work together.”

The mission of this Shadow World was not for all six of the challengers to unite and take on together. Instead, it was a map exploration against time.

Dekan examined the current exploration progr

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