Chapter 88 - God Has Given Up On Recovering
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 88 - God Has Given Up On Recovering

Hearing the Loli Goddess's words, Alice immediately understood why the other party sounded excited—this was probably the first time the Loli Goddess had seen the Demon King's Power detach itself from the Demon King and appear in front of the Hero in its true form.

"Generally speaking, Demon Kings grow stronger by assimilating themselves with the Demon King's Power. Once a Demon King dies, the Demon King's Power would detach itself from its host and accumulate its strength for a few hundred years. Then, it would attach itself onto a new host that it has taken a fancy on. Meanwhile, the new Demon King's training method would be to assimilate with the Demon King's Power's accumulated strength," the Loli Goddess quickly explained the principle behind the Demon King's Power to Alice, afraid that the Demon King's Power would run away if she was even a little slower in her explanation.

"This maid called Luna is still very young, so her assimilation rate with the Demon King's Power is still low. Moreover, it would seem that she has suddenly lost her hatred toward humanity for some inexplicable reason, which is why the Demon King's Power has detached itself from her!"

"Something like that is possible?"

Alice immediately understood what had just transpired. Although she didn't know why Luna would suddenly lose her hatred for humans or why she hated humans so much, to begin with, there was at least one thing that she understood—the target she needed to deal with had changed from Luna to the black sphere in front of her.

In that case, there was no longer any need to save the white panties she had acquired from God.

Immediately, Alice clenched her right hand into a fist and swung it down hard at the black sphere. Then, the white panties in her hand transformed into a golden blade of light that ruthlessly cut at the Demon King's Power.

"Holy Blade!!!"

Look! The name of this move was much more decent! If possible, Alice really hoped that she could avoid using the Hero's Sword in the future. Shouting "Okay" in the middle of an intense battle was simply too strange.

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The Law-level attack landed on the Demon King's Power without fail. Then, when Holy Blade's residual power flew into the distance, it cleanly cut through the mansion district's green belt, shattering countless trees from the waist up. The skill's power was evident at a glance.

However, Alice quickly noticed that Holy Blade had caused no damage to the black sphere whatsoever. Though, she didn't find this outcome too surprising since, according to the Loli Goddess, the black sphere in front of her was the strength the Demon King's Power had accumulated for the past few hundred years. Seeing that Luna was already so powerful after absorbing only a small portion of this strength, it was only reasonable for the black sphere to be many times stronger and sturdier than Luna.

Meanwhile, as a Law-grade weapon, the Soft White Underwear Blessed by God shouldn't be any much stronger than the Hero's Sword, which was also recognized as a Law-grade weapon. Since the Hero's Sword's Holy Cross Slash was incapable of killing Luna in one hit, there was no way Holy Blade could destroy the Demon King's Power, which was significantly sturdier than Luna.

Moreover, even if Holy Blade did damage the Demon King's Power, the damage was probably insignificant as Alice couldn't see any visible changes to the black sphere.

"It didn't work! We can't even break through the enemy's armor!" Alice exclaimed when she looked at the intact sphere before her. This was the first time she had seen something coming out unscathed after receiving an attack from a Law-grade weapon.

"You did damage to it. It's just that the effect isn't significant. Even past Heroes and Demon Kings would need to exchange taboos for several days and nights to determine a winner once they reached maturity, so it's naturally impossible for you to destroy the Demon King's Power in one move," the Loli Goddess said, her voice sounding a little somber. This was the first time she had seen the Demon King's Power appearing in its true form. If they let it get away now, there was no saying when they would get such an opportunity again.

"Has the Hero's Sword finished cooling down yet?!"

"Let me see…"

Alice pulled out the Hero's Sword stuck in Luna's chest, her action causing Luna to groan in pain. By the looks of it, having a sword pulled out of one's body must hurt a lot. However, Alice didn't have any leeway to care about Luna right now as she immediately raised the Hero's Sword and started recklessly swinging it at the Demon King's Power.

Naturally, Alice's actions were futile. Ordinary physical attacks couldn't even be considered a scratch to the Demon King's Power.

…Sure enough, I have no choice but to use a skill.

Alice felt a little frustrated. If possible, she didn't wish to rely on her weapon skills to achieve victory every time. However, the problem now was that her current opponent wasn't an existence she could topple just by relying on raw stats.

"In that case, eat my Holy Cross Slash—Okay!!!"

Immediately, Alice swung her sword and sent a dazzling golden cross crashing into the black sphere in front of her. This time, since her weapon did not vanish out of existence, her high Spirit stat allowed her to perceive what was happening in front of her. Meanwhile, the moment the golden cross landed on the black sphere, she noticed the edges of the black sphere wobbled violently like liquid for a moment before reverting to its spherical shape once more.

My attacks do have an effect, but the effect is just too weak.

Alice couldn't help but frown after seeing this situation. Previously, she thought nothing could match her in this world so long as she relied on the power of panties. However, it would seem that she had been a little naive to think that she could defeat the Demon King's Power or a fully matured Demon King with only one or two pairs of panties. Judging by the current situation, she would need at least several hundred pairs of panties to even stand a chance against such opponents.

At this time, the Demon King's Power hovering above Luna seemed to have finally realized that Luna no longer held any resentment for humanity as it started flying into the sky. It was probably leaving to search for the next Demon King candidate to attach itself to.

According to the Loli Goddess, the Demon King's Power hadn't expended much of the strength it had accumulated during these past few hundred years. So, theoretically, if the Demon King's Power escaped today, a new Demon King candidate should be selected in no time.

At this time, Alice also realized that Hatter's previous statement about "the Demon King's Power selecting only a Demon King once every few hundred years due to a lack of suitable candidates" was incorrect. The lack of humans bearing hatred for humanity wasn't the reason why a new Demon King would only appear once every few centuries. Instead, it was simply because the Demon King's Power was busy accumulating its strength during these periods.

"It's running away. What should we do, White Hair?"

"Who are you calling 'White Hair?!'" the Loli Goddess shouted in anger and annoyance. However, she knew that now wasn't the time to argue with Alice. Immediately, she shouted, "Catch!"

As soon as the Loli Goddess finished speaking, Alice suddenly felt something appearing in her left hand. Then, looking down, she found that a pair of light-pink striped panties had appeared in her left hand before she knew it.

"I have a whole drawer of panties! I don't care even if I have to use up all of my panties today! Just smash it! Smash it down!!!" the Loli Goddess shouted like a nouveau riche who treated panties as currency.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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