Chapter 53 - Stop Giving Me Weapons
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 53 - Stop Giving Me Weapons

"Dammit… If I let a bastard like you continue existing…"

While Alice was pondering whether she should use her panties or not, Aird didn't remain idle. Although the War God's Lock had indeed sealed her right hand, Aird was different from Alice. Even without her right hand, she was still one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Thus, Aird closed her left hand's index and middle fingers. Then, she pointed her left hand at Alice and made an upward flicking motion.

Immediately, a large stone spike burst out from the ground. Even though they were on the second floor, Aird had managed to forcibly summon a huge stone spike that was as thick as a century-old tree from the ground. Moreover, judging by the magic patterns that densely covered the stone spike's surface, this stone construct didn't seem like an ordinary stone spike, either. If this stone construct hit her, Alice did not doubt that it could kill her instantly. After all, the War God's Lock did not provide her any bonuses in Strength. Her physical body was still no different from that of an ordinary human girl.

Fortunately, the War God's Lock had given Alice 700 points in Spirit. So, the instant Aird cast her magic, Alice had already noticed what was going on and crudely released all of the mana within her body.

There was no helping this situation. Alice didn't know any magic. She was like an ammunition warehouse filled with gunpowder and bullets but lacked any suitable firearms to utilize them. Hence, Alice's only solution was to ignite the gunpowder in her storage and call it a day.

Subsequently, as Alice released all 700 points of Mana she had received from the War God's Lock, a mana shockwave burst out from her body and pushed the rising stone spike out of its original trajectory.

How close…

Alice stumbled a few steps backward. When she saw the massive stone spike in front of her, she couldn't help but breathe out a sigh of relief. The room she currently occupied was the second largest room in Flaman's manor. It was larger than even a normal apartment. Even so, the stone spike Aird summoned had occupied nearly half of the room. The tip of the spike had even pierced through the ceiling.

If Alice hadn't released all of her mana just now, this stone spike might have already pierced through her body. Combined with the unknown effects of the stone spike's magic patterns, Alice doubted that she would have any chance of making a comeback.

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