Chapter 54 - Home Run
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"I've never heard of any Demon King having such privilege before."

Aird's complexion darkened when she saw Alice swinging the Gaia's Spear like a club. What should've been long-range magic that could penetrate and destroy her enemy's body was now being used as a melee weapon by her enemy.

"...Could this be the second type of magic you received from the Demon King's Power? Magic that allows you to take control of other people's magic?"

"Don't try to goad me," Alice said as she waved the Gaia's Spear around threateningly. Then, she gently placed the stone spike on the ground, only to see the floor cracking under the stone spike's immense weight. However, considering that Flaman shouldn't lack money, she felt that it wouldn't be a problem even if this room got destroyed.

Meanwhile, in response to Aird's confusion, Alice shrugged and said, "If you must have an answer, all I can say is that even I'm not sure what kind of magic this is. Also, it is truly unfortunate for you to be the Heavenly King of Earth. If any of the other Heavenly Kings tried to assassinate me, I might not even have the ability to retaliate."

The biggest precondition for Alice to turn an object into a weapon was that the object must be something she could touch with her right hand. As luck would have it, out of the four elements of magic, earth magic was the only type of magic that Alice could touch. If Aird had used fire or wind magic instead, Alice definitely wouldn't have anything physical to grab onto. And while it was also possible to touch water, considering the properties of liquid, Alice wasn't sure if her right hand could grab onto water magic and consider it a weapon.

Aird naturally wouldn't know about the limitations of Alice's ability. The ability of Alice's right hand had already exceeded the confines of her understanding. Thus, even after hearing Alice's explanation, Aird still failed to comprehend the meaning Alice tried to convey. She simply thought that Alice was looking down on her earth magic and felt humiliated because of it.

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"Stop joking with me… What do you mean by unfortunate? I haven't lost yet!" Aird bellowed angrily, her calm expression finally crumbling. Immediately, she waved her right hand and summoned a dozen stone pillars around Alice, trapping the blonde girl. "So what if you stole my Gaia's Spear?! These Oriad Pillars can mitigate physical damage to the largest extent!"

"Shouldn't you know best what kind of effects your Gaia's Spear has?"

Alice's voice came out from the prison formed by the Oriad Pillars. Then, under Aird's desperate gaze, the gigantic Gaia's Spear smashed into the Oriad Pillars, breaking them apart.

"...Sure enough, you didn't simply pull the Gaia's Spear from the ground. Even the magic's effects are still preserved," Aird said in a somewhat hoarse voice. Even if she had already fallen into despair, as the Heavenly King of Earth, she still managed to see that Alice didn't break the Oriad Pillars simply by relying on brute force. Instead, the Gaia's Spear's Earthshaker ability had also played a role in shattering the pillars. "How did you accomplish this? This is illogical…"

"I also wish to know how I did it," Alice said as she walked out of the ruins of the Oriad Pillars. Then, resting the gigantic Gaia's Spear on her shoulder, she walked up to Aird and asked, "You should be able to use taboos by yourself as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, right? Aren't you going to use one?"

"Hah, I might be capable of casting taboos by myself, but that's under the precondition that I've prepared beforehand. Although the War God's Lock is a taboo, the simplified version isn't as complex as the original. Even a postgraduate magician can cast it with a little bit of research," Aird said, shaking her head. When she saw Alice arriving in front of her, a hint of ruthlessness suddenly flashed across her eyes. Then, as if trying to put up a final struggle, she raised her right hand slightly and muttered, "Engraving of Ti—"

However, before Aird could finish her words, her world suddenly darkened as Alice smashed her body with the Gaia's Spear. Alice's 1000 points of Strength and the Gaia's Spear's toughness instantly scattered the mana Aird tried to conjure and sent Aird's body flying through the door and out of the room.

Originally, Alice thought that with the amount of power she used, Aird's body should've flown a lot further. However, after reaching the corridor outside the room, Aird's body seemingly collided with an invisible wall and came to an abrupt halt. Then, while coughing up a mouthful of blood, Aird's body fell to the floor.

After thinking it over, Alice quickly realized the invisible wall's identity—it should be the sealing barrier Aird previously spoke of. It was also because of this barrier that all the commotion they made in the room had failed to alert Flaman and the others.

"Are you alright?" Alice asked out of kindness when she walked up to the door and saw Aird coughing up blood in the corridor. Although she wanted to walk out of the room to check on Aird, the Gaia's Spear was too huge for her to take out of the room. She also couldn't afford to let go of the Gaia's Spear since she would instantly become a weakling if she did so. Thus, she could only awkwardly stand by the door with the Gaia's Spear in hand and voice her humanitarian concern for Aird.

"S-Stop with the nonsense. If you want to kill me, just do it."

Aird had been reduced to a miserable state after receiving Alice's attack. Although she indeed possessed incredible defensive prowess as the Heavenly King of Earth, she still couldn't afford to receive a direct hit from such a powerful attack.

Not to mention, the Gaia's Spear had the Earthshaker ability. If any of the other three Heavenly Kings were to receive Alice's attack, the powerful impact and vibrations would've turned into meat paste already. In comparison, Aird still got to keep her body in one piece. Although she was covered in blood right now, it wasn't at the level of requiring mosaic censorship.

Of course, Aird had heard Alice's concern. However, after living in the demon realm for so many years, she had also taken on the ruthless personality of demons. Thus, she remained unfazed in the face of Alice's concern. Instead, she prepared herself for death and showed no intention of pleading for mercy at all.

Alice couldn't help but be troubled by Aird's unyielding behavior. In reality, Alice wanted to spare Aird. After all, Aird was one of the demon realm's four rulers. If she killed Aird and news of it reached the human realm, the human realm's inhabitants might start to have needless ideas. Meanwhile, the last thing Alice wanted to see was war between the two realms erupting so soon.

According to Alice's original plan, if Aird could sincerely show remorse, she could've used the opportunity to spare Aird. Unfortunately, Aird showed no intention of compromising. If she spared Aird in such a situation, Aird might become a ticking time bomb that could blow up in her face at any moment.

Letting out a sigh, Alice gripped the Gaia's Spear with both hands and mentally prepared herself to destroy the doorway and turn Aird into meat paste. There was nothing she could do about this situation. Although Alice didn't wish to break the balance between the two realms so soon, she would only be putting herself in danger if she kept Aird alive. Thus, despite her reluctance, Alice had no choice but to kill Aird.

Aird also noticed the change in Alice's mentality, so she closed her eyes and prepared herself for death.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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