Chapter 52 - Stop Relying on Panties to Solve Everything
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 52 - Stop Relying on Panties to Solve Everything

"With this, the current generation's Demon King is no different than dead."

Aird let out a sigh of relief when she saw that Alice had stopped moving. Then, she stood up and started considering how she should explain the situation to the other kings. The new Demon King suddenly going missing wasn't a trivial matter. The other Heavenly Kings would definitely get to the bottom of this incident. Of course, Aird wasn't completely without solutions to this problem. Not to mention, even if the other Heavenly Kings did find out that she was the culprit of this incident, she was confident she could escape with her life intact.

However, as soon as Aird stood up, she immediately noticed that something was amiss. The "War God's Lock" that had penetrated Alice's right hand was a construct made out of Aird's mana. So, logically, Aird should be able to sense the chain's existence. Yet, the moment she stood up, the chain's existence had vanished from her perception.

What's going on?

Aird frowned and looked at Alice's right hand that was held up in midair. Even now, the War God's Lock remained in Alice's hand. The mana used to form the translucent chain had not dissipated. However, as this was her first time using the simplified War God's Lock, she wasn't sure if the sudden disappearance of its presence should be part of the magic's characteristic. Eventually, Aird concluded as such and turned around to leave.

However, the instant Aird turned around, she felt danger coming from behind her. Immediately, her instincts kicked in, and she tried to jump aside to evade the dangerous feeling approaching her from behind.

Unfortunately, the "person" who attacked Aird this time was none other than the War God's Lock she just used.


The next moment, Aird felt a familiar mana ruthlessly penetrating her right hand. Then, a sealing power spread across her right hand, keeping it frozen in space and sealing the flow of mana within it.

"This is…the War God's Lock?

Finally realizing the problem's severity, Aird quickly turned around to look at Alice. Sure enough, Alice had already stood up from the ground at this time, and the seals placed on her body had started dissipating.

Aird had placed two different seals on Alice. The first one was the simplified War God's Lock, and its function was to seal Alice's right hand, preventing her from using the Demon King's Power. Although the number of chains the spell summoned had been reduced to just one, the spell's quality was still on the level of taboos.

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