Chapter 51 - Commentator Boss
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Alice almost screamed when she felt the intense pain coming from her right hand. Fortunately, after her experience in Demon King Castle, she no longer reacted like a fool in such sudden situations. Immediately, she realized that she had been attacked, so she quickly reached under her skirt for her panties.

There was no helping this. Alice had only swiped three black panties from Rosa, and she had already used up all three of them. So, two days ago, she had started preparing a new batch of black panties by means of buying some unworn black panties and wearing them.

While this action sounded shameful, it was the only way Alice could acquire more black panties to use as weapons. According to Alice's research, an unworn pair of panties needed to be worn for around four to five hours for her right hand to consider it an Artifact. Meanwhile, the black panties Alice currently wore were one that she had put on since this morning. Now that it was already in the afternoon, it should've gained qualifications to become an Artifact already.

However, when Alice tried stretching her right hand under her skirt, she found that the translucent chain that had penetrated her right hand was exuding some kind of power that froze her right hand in place. No matter how much she tried, her right hand refused to move and awkwardly remained raised in the air.

"Don't try to use your right hand, Lord Demon King. It cannot move by even an inch right now."

While Alice struggled to move her right hand, the door fully opened, revealing the person standing outside. Sure enough, the person outside the room was Aird Mishal, the Heavenly King of Earth.

After opening the door, the girl with long brown hair and an indifferent look on her face walked into the room. There was also a small golden magic circle hovering beside the girl, and the magic chain that had penetrated Alice's hand originated from none other than this magic circle.

"Aird? What is the meaning of this?" Alice panicked a little when faced with this situation. However, she also knew that there was no point in shouting for help right now. Since Aird dared to attack her in the manor that housed all four Heavenly Kings, it must mean that she had come prepared. "Why are you attacking me now? If I recall correctly, you had also been complaining about the demon realm's situation in the conference room just now. Even if my presence threatens your position, shouldn't you attack me after we have conquered the human realm?"

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