Chapter 50 - There Are Always People Looking to Harm the Alliance
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 50 - There Are Always People Looking to Harm the Alliance

[Weapon: Soft Black Hipster Underwear]

[Quality: Artifact]

[Effect: Strength +4000, Constitution +4000, Speed +6000, Spirit +6000, Control +4000, Mana +6000]

[Additional Effect:

Absolute Defense (Passive Skill. You will not be hurt by physical attacks);

Dark Soul (Passive Skill. Resurrect at the nearest fire source upon death);

Evil Burst (Active Skill. Upon use, releases a spiritual blast that crushes your opponent's soul.)]

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Since the other three Heavenly Kings wanted a display of Alice's "Demon King's Power," Alice naturally had to use the last pair of black panties she had commandeered from Rosa.

Similar to how Flaman prepared himself a few days ago, the three other Heavenly Kings also covered their bodies with their strongest defensive magic as they prepared themselves to receive Alice's attack.

Wintas, the Heavenly King of Wind, enveloped himself in a cyclone.

Ellu, the Heavenly King of Water, hid in a torrent of water.

Aird, the Heavenly King of Earth, covered herself in armor made out of pitch-black rock.

Alice was moved when she saw how seriously the three Heavenly Kings were behaving. Then, she used Evil Burst without hesitation, shattering their defenses instantly and knocking them unconscious.

There was nothing Alice could do about this outcome. She had no idea what active skill her panties would offer. Although every one of the panties she previously used provided active skills that dealt damage to the soul, they still had very obvious physical effects. However, Evil Burst was different. The skill dealt purely spiritual damage.


Flaman laughed as if he had just won the lottery when he saw Alice's attack flattening the other Heavenly Kings. Although the Four Heavenly Kings shared the same goal of invading the human realm, they weren't a close-knit bunch during normal times. They would frequently butt heads when it came to international affairs. Thus, Flaman couldn't help but grow delighted when he saw Alice effortlessly knocking Wintas, Ellu, and Aird unconscious.

Not to mention, those three bastards had ridiculed him when he told them that Alice had one-shotted him previously. They mocked him for being so weak that he couldn't withstand even one move from the Demon King. However, now that everyone had experienced being one-shotted by Alice, nobody could make fun of each other.

Moreover, although Alice had indeed one-shotted him, he had remained standing after taking her attack. He had only depleted his mana and suffered some internal injuries. He fared much better than the unconscious trio.

As Flaman was in a good mood, he took on the responsibility of carrying the three unconscious Heavenly Kings back. After stacking the three bodies on his shoulders, he left the anti-magic bunker together with Alice.

Indeed. The place they conducted their test in was the same anti-magic bunker from before. The only difference was that the guards stationed outside had been replaced with a new batch.

"They'll probably suffer a huge mental blow after getting defeated in one move…but no matter. At the very least, you have now proven your identity as the Demon King to them," Flaman said to Alice.

Under the gazes of the trembling guards, Flaman, Alice, and the unconscious trio left the anti-magic bunker. None of the guards dared to ask or even think about what had taken place inside the bunker. The fate of the previous guards stationed here had already taught them what would happen should they didn't mind their own business.

"We'll begin discussing our invasion plans once they're awake. Before that, feel free to do whatever you want. Contact Heris if you need help with anything."

After returning to the manor, Flaman left these words to Alice before handing the three unconscious Heavenly Kings to his subordinates and running off to find Davis. Judging by how eager Flaman was to discuss the invasion plan on the human realm, it would seem that he was truly fed up with the demon realm's polluted environment.

Alice was weak without her panties, and she couldn't really tell whether the mana around her was polluted. Thus, she didn't really care about the quality of the mana surrounding her. However, it was a different story for the demons. The polluted mana in the demon realm's air had long since become an obsession for them. Hence, it was understandable for Flaman to be so excited about invading the human realm.

However, this situation put Alice in an awkward position. Although it should take the demons several months or a year to develop a proper war strategy, looking at how eager Flaman and the others were, they definitely wouldn't drag on the planning phase for too long. Meanwhile, trying to solve the conflict between the human and demon realms within such a short period was a truly challenging task for Alice.

Should I focus on finding a way back home? Or should I focus on finding a solution to the demon realm's environment?

Alice wasn't completely without a plan. Currently, she had two options ahead of her. The first option was to find a way back to Earth. Based on the information she found on the internet, she had verified that planar teleportation magic existed in this world. However, it was incredibly complex and wasn't something that could be achieved within a short time. Even so, if she researched this topic, there was a real possibility that she could find a way back home.

The second option was to fix the environment. Depending on the human realm's level of technology, Alice might not even need to lift a finger to accomplish this task. After all, compared to the demon realm, the human realm was much more superior when researching magical technologies. It was possible that the human realm already had a solution to the demon realm's polluted environment.

If that was the case, one might ask why the human realm wasn't sharing this technology with the demon realm. After all, doing so would resolve the main factor driving the demon realm to invade the human realm. Thus, wouldn't it be in the human realm's best interests to share its technology with the demon realm?

The answer was simple. Due to the enmity accumulated between the human and demon realms over the years, the two realms hardly ever communicated. So, the human realm's inhabitants might not even know why the demon realm was trying to invade the human realm.

Meanwhile, if the human realm truly possessed the relevant technology, it might help resolve the conflict between the human and demon realms. At that time, Alice would have more time to research planar teleportation magic. She might even be able to get other people to help her research this magic.

While Alice was searching the internet for related information, someone suddenly knocked on her room's door. Then, a woman's indifferent voice came through the door, asking, "Lord Demon King, are you in?"

Alice was momentarily stunned when she heard this voice. Then, she quickly recognized the voice's owner—Aird Mishal, the Heavenly King of Earth.

It had only been around ten minutes since Alice returned to her room. She didn't think that Aird would be awake so soon after receiving a taboo-level mental attack. If a normal person received such an attack, they would probably enter a coma on the spot.

"I'm here."

Although the Four Heavenly Kings now recognized Alice as the Demon King, Alice did not immediately put herself into the role. After all, the identity of Demon King sounded evil no matter how she looked at it. Thus, she responded to Aird as any normal person would. Then, she jumped off her chair and ran up to the door to open it.

"What's the mat—"

Before Alice could finish her sentence, a translucent chain made of mana shot through the door's gap and pierced through her right hand.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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