Chapter 44 - You Asked For This
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Flaman naturally wasn't so dumb as to verify Alice's Demon King's Power in his house. After all, the demon realm had already witnessed the might of over a dozen Demon Kings, so everyone already possessed a general understanding of the Demon King's Power. For example, with the Demon King's Power, a Demon King could unleash taboos as if they were drinking water.

Based on this point alone, Flaman dared not conduct live combat with a suspected Demon King within his home. It might be fine if Alice wasn't the Demon King and was simply someone with strength rivaling the Four Heavenly Kings. If that was the case, Flaman was confident he could keep his house intact. However, he would be rendered helpless if Alice was the Demon King. If Alice launched a taboo within his home, he would have to begin preparations for rebuilding it.

"We'll conduct the test here," Flaman said.

For precaution's sake, Flaman had brought Alice to a secret underground bunker located a short distance from his manor. However, it couldn't really be considered a secret bunker since the entrance was blatantly situated on a street in Teli City.

"This bunker has been strengthened by multiple generations of Four Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings. It is more than capable of withstanding the power of taboos, and it is prepared as a shelter for when the human realm invades us. If it is in here, you can even use taboos without having to worry about damaging anything."

As Flaman provided Alice with an introduction to the bunker, he slowly raised his left hand and summoned a small flame in his palm. Then, as if the flame was some kind of ignition, many more thumb-sized flames started appearing around Flaman's body.

In the blink of an eye, an armor of flames had appeared around Flaman's muscular body. The high temperature of the flames had even distorted the surrounding air, so a normal person like Alice quickly found herself sweating from the heat.

Looking at the layer of flames protecting Flaman, Alice had to admit that the Four Heavenly Kings were indeed powerful existences. Even though Flaman wasn't executing an attack, Alice had already found herself struggling for breath.

At this time, even the Milu Rabbit tied to Alice's waist had woken up and was currently struggling to break free from its restraint. Though, by the time Alice and Flaman were done with their battle, Alice would probably have to take the rabbit to a veterinarian since it might have suffered heatstroke.

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