Chapter 43 - Demon King's Power
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Flaman was in a bad mood.

Originally, Flaman thought he had found himself a bona fide diviner. However, it turned out that this "diviner" was nothing but a swindling womanizer. When Flaman thought about how such a rotten bastard had been living within his manor for the past few months, he couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Fortunately, although the quack diviner had pretty good looks, he did not fit the label of "cute." Thus, Heris did not fall for his charms and was only curious about his divination abilities.

Under Flaman's pressure, the quack diviner quickly admitted that he had been relying on his fake divinations to woo several of the manor's maids. So, as punishment, Flaman assigned the swindler to the coldest region in the demon realm to grow potatoes for the rest of his life.

Although Flaman had his mood ruined by the fake diviner, he instantly felt his heart healed when he saw that Heris, his most beloved daughter, had returned home. Moreover, Heris had also brought with her a person who could potentially influence the status quo between the human and demon realms—the new generation's Demon King. Thus, even if Flaman was in a bad mood, he couldn't reveal it right now.

"You're back, Heris?"

Flaman smiled when he saw Heris entering the room. Then, like how Davis previously reacted, Flaman immediately shifted his gaze toward the petite figure standing beside Heris and revealed a complicated expression.

It couldn't be helped. Alice's appearance made it difficult for anyone to believe that she was the Demon King. After all, Alice's blonde hair and white-blue dress made her look very much like a young lady originating from a noble house in the human realm. Even if Flaman had already heard from Heris that this cute girl was the new Demon King, he still had difficulty believing it.

"So, this person is…the new Demon King?"

Flaman had a headache as he looked at Alice's small frame. He was feeling much more perplexed than he was dealing with the stammering diviner just now.

Initially, when Flaman heard from Heris that she had witnessed Alice shattering the radioactive crystal and was certain that Alice was the new Demon King, he had already decided to believe Heris's judgment even if the other party was a little girl who looked nothing like a Demon King. However, now that he saw Alice in person, he found himself doubting his daughter's judgment.

Alice's appearance differed far too much from the Demon Kings mentioned in historical records. Not to mention, Flaman couldn't sense any strength hidden within Alice's body.

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