Chapter 43 - Demon King's Power
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Flaman was in a bad mood.

Originally, Flaman thought he had found himself a bona fide diviner. However, it turned out that this "diviner" was nothing but a swindling womanizer. When Flaman thought about how such a rotten bastard had been living within his manor for the past few months, he couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Fortunately, although the quack diviner had pretty good looks, he did not fit the label of "cute." Thus, Heris did not fall for his charms and was only curious about his divination abilities.

Under Flaman's pressure, the quack diviner quickly admitted that he had been relying on his fake divinations to woo several of the manor's maids. So, as punishment, Flaman assigned the swindler to the coldest region in the demon realm to grow potatoes for the rest of his life.

Although Flaman had his mood ruined by the fake diviner, he instantly felt his heart healed when he saw that Heris, his most beloved daughter, had returned home. Moreover, Heris had also brought with her a person who could potentially influence the status quo between the human and demon realms—the new generation's Demon King. Thus, even if Flaman was in a bad mood, he couldn't reveal it right now.

"You're back, Heris?"

Flaman smiled when he saw Heris entering the room. Then, like how Davis previously reacted, Flaman immediately shifted his gaze toward the petite figure standing beside Heris and revealed a complicated expression.

It couldn't be helped. Alice's appearance made it difficult for anyone to believe that she was the Demon King. After all, Alice's blonde hair and white-blue dress made her look very much like a young lady originating from a noble house in the human realm. Even if Flaman had already heard from Heris that this cute girl was the new Demon King, he still had difficulty believing it.

"So, this person is…the new Demon King?"

Flaman had a headache as he looked at Alice's small frame. He was feeling much more perplexed than he was dealing with the stammering diviner just now.

Initially, when Flaman heard from Heris that she had witnessed Alice shattering the radioactive crystal and was certain that Alice was the new Demon King, he had already decided to believe Heris's judgment even if the other party was a little girl who looked nothing like a Demon King. However, now that he saw Alice in person, he found himself doubting his daughter's judgment.

Alice's appearance differed far too much from the Demon Kings mentioned in historical records. Not to mention, Flaman couldn't sense any strength hidden within Alice's body.

Originally, when Heris said that Alice couldn't unleash the Demon King's Power, Flaman thought what her daughter meant was that Alice couldn't properly use the Demon King's Power within her body. Yet, now, it didn't seem as if Alice couldn't use the Demon King's Power. Instead, it looked as if the Demon King's Power didn't even exist within her body.

"Yeah. She's cute, right?"

Heris didn't notice the subtle look on Flaman's face. Instead, she introduced Alice to her father just like she did to Davis—she pulled Alice to her front and introduced Alice just like she was introducing a pet. Seeing this scene further increased the uncertainty in Flaman's heart. After all, that was the Demon King they were talking about. How could the Demon King let her daughter toy with her like a pet?

If Alice was indeed the Demon King, Flaman would naturally be happy that her daughter shared such a close relationship with the new Demon King. However, the question now was whether Alice really was the Demon King or not.

Based on the demon race's characteristics, it was possible for a strong individual to accept and converse with a weaker individual. However, most of the past Demon Kings were not friendly people. Seeing that Alice's behavior contrasted significantly with the behavior of past Demon Kings, Flaman felt the need to verify Alice's identity.

"Heris, you should be tired after the long trip, right?" Flaman asked.

At this time, Alice had also noticed the strangeness in Flaman's expression, and she probably knew what was going through the Heavenly King of Fire's mind. Alice wasn't an oblivious fellow like Heris, so she quickly understood that Flaman was trying to validate her identity. Hence, she looked to Heris and said, "You should go rest first. I'll have a chat with your father in the meantime."

"That… Okay, then."

After hesitating for a moment, Heris agreed with Alice's suggestion. Although she wanted to remain with Alice, the energizing magic's effects were running out soon. So, she needed to start making up for her lack of sleep.

Not to mention, although Heris was a little slow on the uptake, she wasn't an idiot. She knew that a serious conversation between the Demon King and one of the Four Heavenly Kings would involve important secrets. Thus, after taking a look at Alice, Heris reluctantly left the room together with Davis.

"Have a seat. Let's have a proper chat between the two of us," Flaman courteously said.

Unlike what Alice expected, Flaman did not behave irritably like she thought he would. Although his wheat-colored skin and bulky body gave him the appearance of someone who had muscles for brains, he was a surprisingly calm person in reality.

After seeing Alice taking a seat across from him, Flaman picked up the pot of tea on the table, grabbed a new cup from his desk drawer, and started pouring a cup of tea for Alice. Then, he placed the tea before Alice and said, "Don't worry. It hasn't been long since I boiled this pot of tea."


Alice did not respond. She didn't pick up the hot cup of tea, either. Instead, she looked at Flaman and waited for him to start talking business.

"It seems you understand my intentions as well, so let me get straight to the point." Looking at the tea on the table, Flaman paused for a moment before saying, "I, Flaman Agaras, am a rather amiable demon. So long as someone has a useful ability and can tell me about it, I am willing to offer them a good job suited for them. Moreover, unlike the other three lunatics, I am much better at listening to others. Thus, most of my subordinates trust in me as well… However, what I cannot tolerate is for others to lie to me about their abilities. Do you get me?"

Alice came to a realization. She recalled Heris mentioning that she had gone to Demon King Castle because of a diviner's words. She also recalled Davis saying that this diviner had been sent to work at the border. Combining these two points with what Flaman just said, she deduced that the diviner in question wasn't the real deal but a charlatan who had just gotten lucky instead. Meanwhile, Flaman had probably found out about the diviner's lie after calling the diviner to meet him. Then, out of anger, Flaman sent the fake diviner to work at the border.

"So, you wish to see if I am the real Demon King."

Alice nodded. She found this situation completely reasonable. Flaman was one of the Four Heavenly Kings, after all. There was no way he could tolerate being under someone who he didn't even know was the real Demon King or not. This matter was made worse by her appearance that looked nothing like a Demon King.

However, this situation was good news to Alice. After all, if nobody believed that she was the Demon King even after she confessed it herself, so long as she kept her mouth shut, it was even less likely that anyone would think that she was the Demon King-cum-Hero.

"Yes. I heard from Alice that you don't have perfect control over the Demon King's Power… However, honestly speaking, I can't feel an ounce of power inside your body. Even your mana is ridiculously scarce. It's as if you don't have mana at all," Flaman said, narrowing his eyes. "So, it's only reasonable that I'm doubtful, right? Lord Demon King?"

"Indeed, that is the case. How do you want me to prove myself, then?"

"Since Heris says that you can only use the Demon King's Power at certain times, we'll conduct a test once you feel like you can use the Demon King's Power," Flaman said. Then, tapping a finger against the table, he continued, "You can come to find me whenever you feel like you're ready. If you are the Demon King, I will naturally be willing to take responsibility for my suspicion over you. I will serve as your pawn and be the first to lead the invasion into the human realm. But if you are not the Demon King…"

"I understand."

Alice didn't ask what would happen if she wasn't the Demon King. It definitely wouldn't be anything good, in any case.

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However, Alice had nothing to fear. She currently had two pairs of black panties in her pouch still. In other words, she could use the "Demon King's Power" two more times. They were already more than enough to prove her identity to Flaman.

"Let's do the test now, then. I feel that I can use the Demon King's Power right now."

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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