Chapter 45 - Flaman's Image Ruined
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If the average person received Destruction Grip head-on, their most likely outcome would be instant death. Even the soul of Grant, the previous generation's Demon King, had his soul extinguished by this move.

However, Flaman wasn't a normal person. Since he dared to have Alice use a taboo against him, this showed that he wasn't worried about getting killed by a taboo.

As proof of Flaman's confidence, when Alice's Destruction Grip ruthlessly clamped down on his body, it did not crush his body or soul. The attack only inflicted some pain onto the Heavenly King of Fire.

Meanwhile, from Alice's perspective, when the gigantic black hand made contact with Flaman, she saw Flaman's flame armor flare up and resist the black hand. The terrifying heat the flames radiated even distorted the black hand a little.

Fortunately, Flaman's efforts to resist were not in vain. Just when the flame armor protecting his body was dissipating, Alice's Destruction Grip also started fading out of existence. When both the fiery armor and gigantic black hand vanished without a trace, Flaman weakly knelt onto the ground, his face covered in sweat as he panted for air.

What a scary power… There's no mistaking it. This level of destructiveness is on par with taboos, Flaman thought in trepidation as he looked down at his body. Although his clothing remained intact, he could sense that many of his organs had shifted positions because of Alice's terrifying attack. Most of the mana he previously had was nowhere to be seen as well. Had his mana reserves been a little smaller, he wouldn't have outlasted Alice's attack, and his body and soul would have probably been crushed instantly.

Since Flaman became one of the Four Heavenly Kings, it had been a long time since he had encountered anyone making him experience the feeling of death. Before this mock battle, he was still skeptical of Alice's identity as the Demon King. Now, though, he was fully convinced of Alice's identity.

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After all, even the Four Heavenly Kings were incapable of utilizing taboos as effortlessly as Alice did. Only a Demon King or Hero could accomplish such a feat. However, there was no way a Hero could use Destruction Grip, a move carrying the characteristics of the Demon King.

Not to mention, Flaman knew that the human realm's Hero was a man with a muscular body and a pretty face. Such a description did not fit Alice at all.

"It's my loss… It seems I was mistaken in my suspicion of you before. You should be this generation's Demon King," Flaman said, a frown forming on his face as he stood up. Because of his injuries, he had difficulty even walking up to Alice. Then, after arriving in front of Alice, he looked down at the girl whose height only reached his waist and said, "However, Heris is right. You are too weak before you make use of the Demon King's Power. The Four Heavenly Kings might not take action against you, but there are bound to be some ignorant demons who would come to find trouble with you. So, you'll have to train more and take control of the Demon King's Power as soon as possible."

Alice looked up at Flaman and awkwardly laughed. Take control of the Demon King's Power? What Demon King's Power? She had merely utilized the additional effect of a pair of panties. She would be fine so long as she had a sufficient number of panties. No amount of training would grant her better control over the power of panties.

Regardless, Alice was relieved that Flaman no longer doubted her identity. He didn't show any intentions of killing her to get rid of a potential threat to his influence, either. That was probably to be expected since the Four Heavenly Kings were still thinking of relying on the Demon King to snatch the human realm's territories. If they killed the Demon King at this time, they would have nobody to deal with the human realm's Hero.

Of course, Alice couldn't discount the possibility that some of the Four Heavenly Kings might provoke her due to their arrogance. Though, that possibility was low since history had proven that such individuals usually faced a tragic end.

"Let's head back first before we discuss further details. I can feel that my internal injuries are quite serious, so I'll need to receive treatment first," Flaman said. Although he still had many things to discuss with the new Demon King, he had already started feeling unwell after saying a few words. He might not die if he continued delaying his treatment, but he'll suffer from sequelae.

Right now, Flaman could more or less understand why the historical records stated that the demon race's Four Heavenly Kings and the human race's Sages could only ever play supporting roles in the fights between Demon Kings and Heroes. The Demon King and Hero's ability to freely cast taboos was simply too powerful. Even if the Four Heavenly Kings and Sages participated in the fight, they would die in no more than a few exchanges.

"Alright, let's head back, then."

Alice nodded. Honestly speaking, she still lacked understanding of this otherworld. Fortunately, now that she had proven her identity, she should be able to acquire more information from Flaman. Not to mention, since it was a known fact that Demon Kings used to be humans, it would be very normal for her to lack knowledge regarding the demon realm. Thus, this was probably the best opportunity for her to learn about this otherworld.

After picking up the unconscious Milu Rabbit from the ground and tying its ears to her waist again, Alice followed the limping Heavenly King to the bunker's exit.

"By the way, if all Demon Kings come from humans, how are they supposed to live in the demon realm's polluted environment without the unique organs of demons?"

Alice suddenly recalled Grant's appearance. Although Grant's soul had been in an ethereal state the entire time, she could still tell that he did not have any horns, wings, or tail.

"Of course, it is by relying on the Demon King's Power. Although the Demon King doesn't have any filtration organs, the Demon King's Power can work as a substitute for them," Flaman answered as he arrived in front of the bunker doors. Then, he pushed apart the heavy doors and walked out.

Six soldiers stood on guard by the bunker's entrance, looking majestic in their black armor engraved with magic patterns. Alice had already noticed these soldiers when she first arrived here with Flaman. However, she didn't think that they would remain stationary like statues even after hearing all the commotion coming from the bunker. She had to admit that these soldiers possessed excellent professional ethics.

Unfortunately, no matter how professional these six soldiers were, their expressions still subtly changed when they saw Flaman and Alice exiting the bunker.

Flaman Agaras, the Heavenly King of Fire, had brought a blonde girl who was clearly underaged into a deserted bunker. Then, considerably loud noises and Flaman's shouting had spread out of the bunker. By the time Flaman had left the bunker with Alice, Flaman's legs had gone limp, and his clothes had become wrinkled. Meanwhile, Alice had been sorting her dress (tying the Milu Rabbit to her waist) when she walked out of the bunker.


Without Flaman's notice, the six soldiers' gaze when they looked at him had changed. Although demons were indeed a race that worshipped strength, they still had a sense of honor. For Flaman to do that kind of thing to an underaged girl like Alice…

Immediately after Flaman and Alice left, one of the soldiers looked around for a moment before pulling out his phone from his armor. Then, he logged into LINKS.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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