Chapter 45 - Flaman's Image Ruined
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If the average person received Destruction Grip head-on, their most likely outcome would be instant death. Even the soul of Grant, the previous generation's Demon King, had his soul extinguished by this move.

However, Flaman wasn't a normal person. Since he dared to have Alice use a taboo against him, this showed that he wasn't worried about getting killed by a taboo.

As proof of Flaman's confidence, when Alice's Destruction Grip ruthlessly clamped down on his body, it did not crush his body or soul. The attack only inflicted some pain onto the Heavenly King of Fire.

Meanwhile, from Alice's perspective, when the gigantic black hand made contact with Flaman, she saw Flaman's flame armor flare up and resist the black hand. The terrifying heat the flames radiated even distorted the black hand a little.

Fortunately, Flaman's efforts to resist were not in vain. Just when the flame armor protecting his body was dissipating, Alice's Destruction Grip also started fading out of existence. When both the fiery armor and gigantic black hand vanished without a trace, Flaman weakly knelt onto the ground, his face covered in sweat as he panted for air.

What a scary power… There's no mistaking it. This level of destructiveness is on par with taboos, Flaman thought in trepidation as he looked down at his body. Although his clothing remained intact, he could sense that many of his organs had shifted positions because of Alice's terrifying attack. Most of the mana he previously had was nowhere to be seen as well. Had his mana reserves been a little smaller, he wouldn't have outlasted Alice's attack, and his body and soul would have probably been crushed instantly.

Since Flaman became one of the Four Heavenly Kings, it had been a long time since he had encountered anyone making him experience the feeling of death. Before this mock battle, he was still skeptical of Alice's identity as the Demon King. Now, though, he was fully convinced of Alice's identity.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

After all, even the Four Heavenly Kings were incapable of utilizing taboos as effortlessly as Alice did. Only a Demon King or Hero could accomplish such a feat. However, there was no way a Hero could use Destruction Grip, a move carrying the characteristics of the Demon King.

Not to mention, Flaman knew that the human realm's Hero was a man with a muscular body and a pretty face. Such a description did not fit Alice at all.

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