Chapter 263 - The Pitiful Demon King Still Doesn’t Know What's Coming
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 263 - The Pitiful Demon King Still Doesn’t Know What's Coming

The characteristics of the taboo Spiritual Realm were stated on the book's first page. Once activated, the taboo would drag all souls within a certain range into the spellcaster's Spiritual Realm. Hence, it went without saying that the Milu Rabbit, hanging off Alice's waist, would also get dragged into the Spiritual Realm with Alice.

As for why this blond Demon King would have such poor eyesight in her own Spiritual Realm… Under normal circumstances, a person's soul would share the same characteristics with their physical body.

Meanwhile, unlike God, the Demon King's Power wasn't so generous as to grant Demon Kings a perfect body and soul. At most, it would help its chosen Demon King candidates remain at their peak throughout their lifetime. Hence, any physical deficiencies that Demon Kings suffered from would remain even after they were chosen by the Demon King's Power.

In other words, this blond Demon King most likely suffered from myopia when she was alive. Unfortunately, a soul had no way of replicating external objects such as spectacles, so the blond Demon King had no way of correcting her vision. Moreover, considering that the environment in this Spiritual Realm was so dark, this Demon King might also be suffering from night blindness.

Although Alice had researched and memorized the names of every past Demon King, information on these Demon Kings' appearances was few and far between. There were some photos of Grant since the camera had already been invented several hundred years ago, but older Demon Kings weren't as fortunate. At most, they only had portraits of themselves painted.

However, similar to the portraits of historical figures found back on Earth, the portraits of these Demon Kings were drawn in strange and varying styles. Some of the better portraits might have a human appearance, but some were evidently painted by human artists with hostile intent, the Demon Kings in these portraits not having even a human form.

Unfortunately, even though times had changed and humans now knew that all Demon Kings used to be humans, no proper portraits of these Demon Kings had been passed down. Hence, even after seeing this blond Demon King, Alice couldn't tell which Demon King the other party was.

Originally, Alice had wanted to call out to this blond Demon King, telling the other party that she was standing behind her. After all, watching the other party talk to a Milu Rabbit that didn't know the human language was pretty awkward. It also made the other party look like an idiot.

However, when Alice considered the fact that the blond Demon King had dragged her into this Spiritual Realm without her consent, she hesitated for a moment before deciding to stay quiet and observe the situation. She wanted to find out why this myopic Demon King was planning. Then, she would decide how she would deal with this Demon King's soul.

Alice did not have any compassion for Demon Kings. She had spared Andusia mainly because the other party had provided her with plenty of useful information about Demon Kings. For example, the matter of Demon Kings having secret rooms was something she didn't know about before meeting Andusia.

However, Alice did not need two information providers. Currently, she felt that aside from the First Demon King, who was vastly stronger than the other Demon Kings, the other Demon Kings were somewhat…useless.

Hence, if this blond Demon King intended to harm her, Alice didn't mind getting rid of the other party. It wouldn't be difficult to do so, either. Unlike Andusia, this blond Demon King's soul wasn't attached to a special material like Living Wood. If Alice wanted to get rid of this blond Demon King, all she needed to do was use Word of God to leave this Spiritual Realm, reach for a pair of panties, and grant this Demon King the same fate as a certain junior of hers.

While holding such thoughts in her mind, Alice quietly watched the blond woman threaten the confused Milu Rabbit's soul.

"Are you still not going to speak? Or are you too afraid to speak? Don't tell me your soul is this weak? I've already held back my presence as much as possible."

The blond Demon King had already spent several minutes talking to the Milu Rabbit, continuously trying to learn about the outside world's current state through the Milu Rabbit.

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Different from Kristine, who had placed her soul's container in a public space in the March Academy, this blond Demon King had hidden her soul inside the Spiritual Realm taboo book. Meanwhile, every Demon King that had gotten their hands on this book would typically keep it in their secret room. So, she had no opportunities to get in touch with the outside world's matters. She also had no idea how the outside world had become already.

After trying and failing to get any information out of the Milu Rabbit for several minutes, the blond Demon King finally lost her patience. After giving the Milu Rabbit an angry glare, she threatened, "Listen, little guy, if you can tell me what I want to know, I can show mercy and let your soul dissipate naturally. However, if you refuse to comply, I will forcibly occupy your body, and your soul will suffer an agonizing experience."

Upon hearing this threat, Alice instantly figured out this blond Demon King's goal. It would seem that the other party was trying to take over her body.

It made sense when Alice thought about it. Every former Demon King she had met thus far had tried to take over someone's body. First, there was Grant, who tried to forcibly occupy Heris's body. Then, there was Andusia, who tried to take over her descendant's body. Now, this blond Demon King, whose name she did not know, was trying to take over her body.

"Your body has unparalleled talent. If fully developed, you might even gain strength rivaling the First Demon King. Leaving such an excellent body to someone with a weak soul like you is a waste, so let me foster it in your place!"

The blond Demon King sneered as she looked at the Milu Rabbit's soul. Then, her soul began emitting strange fluctuations. By the looks of it, she was casting some sort of spell to seize the Milu Rabbit's body.

Meanwhile, the Milu Rabbit had seemingly noticed something wrong as its soul began trembling with even greater intensity. Unfortunately, as it was only a rabbit, it couldn't say a word despite its fears.

Alice caressed her chin when she heard the blond Demon King's words, realizing why the other party had targeted her body. Her extraordinary talent seemed to have stirred the other party's desire. It was also more than likely that the activation condition for the blond Demon King's Spiritual Realm was for someone with terrifying talent but hadn't accepted the Hero's Power or the Demon King's Power to touch the taboo book.

As luck would have it, Alice had neither the Hero's nor Demon King's Power in her body. However, because God had crafted her body, it possessed talent rivaling Heroes and Demon Kings. These factors combined allowed her to satisfy this Demon King's conditions and successfully activate the other party's Spiritual Realm.

Then, should I interfere?

Alice felt a little perplexed when she saw that this blond Demon King was about to snatch the Milu Rabbit's body.

Novel Notes

Changing "mind magic" and all relevant terms to "spirit magic."


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