Chapter 262 - Short-Sighted Demon King
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 262 - Short-Sighted Demon King

Alice had no idea what Andusia had taken Gel and Kamia out to do. Currently, she was wholly immersed in studying the book written by the Fourth Demon King.

While reading through the book, Alice came across many notes left behind by past owners. Take the current page Alice was on, for example. From what she could tell, there were notes from at least five different people.

Funnily enough, Alice found that these past Demon Kings had seemingly treated this important book as a message board. The "conversation" on this page even involved a small argument.

[The original author mentioned using non-attributed mana to cast this taboo here. However, after experimentation, I found that casting this taboo using spirit-attributed mana will yield a much better effect. I recommend everyone who learns this taboo to try learning spirit magic. Then, use spirit-attributed mana to cast this taboo.]

[Fuck you! Don't listen to this bastard's nonsense! I'm a spirit magician, and I tried infusing spirit-attributed mana into this taboo! Not only did the taboo not work, but it will even release a strange mental blast! I ended up turning the Heavenly King of Wind into an idiot, and the other Heavenly Kings are looking at me with hostility now!]

[Some people in my era have researched the differences between ancient and modern magic. I think the difference in eras has created a misunderstanding here. Several thousand years ago, the psychic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychic -attributed mana to cast this taboo.]

Although some of the commenters in this book had refuted their senior Demon Kings' remarks, those seniors definitely couldn't see these responses since they were most likely dead already. However, these remarks could be used by future Demon Kings as suggestions and advice. Despite all the villainous things they had done, it would seem that these Demon Kings still cared about their juniors.

It made sense when Alice thought about it. All Demon Kings were people who resented the human race deeply, so they probably found a sense of camaraderie in this common sentiment.

Of course, the main reason why these Demon Kings had shown such care toward the younger generation was most likely because their juniors couldn't threaten them. However, if there was a possibility that they might come into conflict with their juniors, these Demon Kings definitely wouldn't behave so politely.

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