Chapter 262 - Short-Sighted Demon King
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Alice had no idea what Andusia had taken Gel and Kamia out to do. Currently, she was wholly immersed in studying the book written by the Fourth Demon King.

While reading through the book, Alice came across many notes left behind by past owners. Take the current page Alice was on, for example. From what she could tell, there were notes from at least five different people.

Funnily enough, Alice found that these past Demon Kings had seemingly treated this important book as a message board. The "conversation" on this page even involved a small argument.

[The original author mentioned using non-attributed mana to cast this taboo here. However, after experimentation, I found that casting this taboo using mind-attributed mana will yield a much better effect. I recommend everyone who learns this taboo to try learning mind magic. Then, use mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.]

[Fuck you! Don't listen to this bastard's nonsense! I'm a mind magician, and I tried infusing mind-attributed mana into this taboo! Not only did the taboo not work, but it will even release a strange mental blast! I ended up turning the Heavenly King of Wind into an idiot, and the other Heavenly Kings are looking at me with hostility now!]

[Some people in my era have researched the differences between ancient and modern magic. I think the difference in eras has created a misunderstanding here. Several thousand years ago, the psychokinesis and mind attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinesis-attributed mana to cast this taboo.]

Although some of the commenters in this book had refuted their senior Demon Kings' remarks, those seniors definitely couldn't see these responses since they were most likely dead already. However, these remarks could be used by future Demon Kings as suggestions and advice. Despite all the villainous things they had done, it would seem that these Demon Kings still cared about their juniors.

It made sense when Alice thought about it. All Demon Kings were people who resented the human race deeply, so they probably found a sense of camaraderie in this common sentiment.

Of course, the main reason why these Demon Kings had shown such care toward the younger generation was most likely because their juniors couldn't threaten them. However, if there was a possibility that they might come into conflict with their juniors, these Demon Kings definitely wouldn't behave so politely.

Take Grant, for example. When he realized that Alice might be the new Demon King and she was standing in his way of reclaiming his rule over the demon realm, he tried to kill her without hesitation. Only, he had ended up getting killed instead.

At least there is something valuable inside... But psychokinetic-attributed mana, is it?

Alice closed Aspect Separation as she thought about the comments she had read. She had learned Aspect Separation previously, so she didn't need an entire day to reach an entry-level in the spell this time.

Meanwhile, when casting different spells, mana would exhibit different properties based on the spell. However, if the spellcaster desired it, they could deliberately manipulate their mana so that it would take on other properties.

There were even some spells that were specifically designed to activate using mana of different or opposing properties. For example, "Receding Flame" was a fire-type spell that required the use of water-type mana to achieve its desired effects.

Hence, Alice didn't find it particularly strange to see someone suggest using psychokinetic-type mana to cast Aspect Separation.

However, Alice didn't plan to verify the validity of this recommendation right now. Although Aspect Separation required far less mana to activate compared to some destructive-type taboos, it was still a taboo nonetheless. With Alice's current strength, she could only cast it a few times without making use of her panties. So, it was best she conserved her mana.

Speaking of which, this book feels a little strange.

After setting aside Aspect Separation, Alice picked up another book. She didn't choose this book randomly. She chose it because some inexplicable power tempted her to do so.

Although Alice felt this should be the effect of some kind of spell, she didn't worry too much about it. She might not know how to read memories, but she still knew a few mind-type taboos. If she simply needed to cause destruction in the aspect of mind magic, she was confident she could accomplish it.

To put it bluntly, Alice was different from ordinary people. If an ordinary person came under the influence of mind magic, they were unlikely to have any means of escaping. However, if Alice found that she was trapped by mind magic, she had multiple ways to do so. She even had a sure-fire way to break free from any mind magic affecting her.

—Word of God.

Alice could use this ability to move her consciousness directly to God's room. This was already a Law-grade ability, so even a mind-type taboo couldn't stop her from activating it.

With so many solutions to fall back on, Alice naturally wasn't afraid of the strange allure this book had on her. So, she opened the book and read the summary written on the first page.

Spiritual Realm.

Alice narrowed her eyes. After looking at the taboo's name and introduction, she quickly understood what it was about. Simply put, this was a taboo that could capture all souls within a certain range and imprison them inside a spiritual space.

The spell's user could torture the souls dragged into the spiritual space. The user could also use the spiritual space to temper their soul. Moreover, depending on the mana used, the environment inside the spiritual space would also yield different effects.

If a soul suffered severe damage inside the spiritual space, the damage would also reflect on their physical body to a certain extent. Overall, it was a relatively lethal mind-type taboo.

So, this is a Spiritual Realm? Alice thought to herself as she lowered the book in her hands. Or, more specifically, she lowered her now-empty hands as the book she held had disappeared before she knew it. Then, she surveyed her current location with narrowed eyes.

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At this moment, she was no longer inside the secret room under Demon King Castle. Instead, she had appeared inside a dark void.

It went without saying that a "Spiritual Realm" was sealed inside the taboo book. Meanwhile, after Alice opened the book, the owner of this Spiritual Realm dragged her soul here.

Alice guessed that a Demon King must have attached their soul, together with a Spiritual Realm, to the book. This Demon King must have also set an activation condition for their Spiritual Realm. Then, when a person who met the conditions opened the book, the taboo would activate and drag their soul into this Spiritual Realm.

But when I held the book with my right hand, it showed that the book was Garbage.

Alice frowned. If the taboo book was a tool capable of housing souls, it shouldn't have received a "Garbage" evaluation. After all, both the Radioactive Soul Stone and Soul Gathering Tablet had received relatively high evaluations. So, if the taboo book could house souls, why did it receive such a low evaluation?

Before Alice could figure out this problem, the owner of this Spiritual Realm spoke up:

"So someone who meets my conditions has finally appeared?"

It was a woman's voice. Evidently, Alice had hit the mark with her guess. A Demon King's soul was indeed hiding in the Spiritual Realm taboo book. Moreover, the other party had set some conditions that she just so happened to fulfill. Hence, when she opened the taboo book, this Demon King's Spiritual Realm activated.

Alice still retained her five senses in this dark space. However, she knew that these senses were fake since she didn't enter this space with her physical body. These were merely simulated senses created by the Spiritual Realm. Even so, thanks to these simulated senses, she could see what was happening around her.

Very quickly, Alice found the owner of the female voice. Similar to Alice, this female Demon King's soul was also naked as she hovered in this Spiritual Realm. The woman also had long golden hair as Alice did. Unlike Alice, though, the woman had quite the tall figure.

Upon seeing the woman, Alice couldn't help but grow confused. If she wasn't mistaken, she should be the person who had met the woman's conditions. In that case, why did the woman have her back facing her?

Holding such doubts in her mind, Alice carefully observed the woman.

"Why aren't you speaking?" the blonde Demon King asked with her arms folded across her chest. Then, while looking at the soul before her, she sneered and continued, "Logically, a person capable of finding a Demon King's taboo shouldn't be a weakling, right? Hmph. Even your soul is in such a pitiful state. I find it hard to imagine how weak your actual person is to have such a small and pitiful soul."

Alice covered her face, rendered speechless by the situation playing out before her. She finally realized what the problem was.

It appeared that this blonde Demon King didn't have very good eyesight. After all, the "small and pitiful" soul before her wasn't actually Alice's soul. Instead, it was the soul of the Milu Rabbit who got dragged into the Spiritual Realm together with Alice.

Novel Notes

Changing "mind magic" and all relevant terms to "spirit magic."


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