Chapter 261 - Milu Rabbit: I Get That Feeling
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 261 - Milu Rabbit: I Get That Feeling

Shortly after Andusia began injecting her mana into the spell's weak point, the book's surface shattered like glass. This phenomenon was even accompanied by the faint sound of glass shattering.

"That should do it," Andusia said as she stepped away from the book.

Hearing this, Alice walked up to the book and opened it. Sure enough, the content she saw this time wasn't the headache-inducing college entrance examination questions. Instead, she saw paragraphs of text explaining a spellcasting process in great detail. Moreover, all of these texts were handwritten, and the faded ink showed that a long time had passed since these texts were written.

This wasn't a surprising situation. These taboo books were written by Demon Kings of past generations. This meant they could be anywhere from several hundred to ten thousand years old. Even if these books were protected by magic, they would inevitably suffer some wear and tear.

"This taboo is…Aspect Separation?"

After Alice carefully read the processes described in the book, a strange expression appeared on her face. This was because the recorded processes were nearly identical to the spellcasting process of Aspect Separation, one of the taboos she had learned from the elves.

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"Aspect Separation? Ah, right, there was something like that. If I'm not mistaken, I think the Fourth Demon King was the one who developed it? I believe he stole some of the Demon King's Power's essence using this taboo. However, what he used that stolen essence for is something I'm not too sure about since it was never passed down properly," Andusia answered while undoing the seal on the other books.

"Other races have tried to learn this taboo afterward, but I've never heard of anybody capable of mastering it to the Fourth Demon King's extent. Maybe it's because he just happened to be talented in that regard. There is also the fact that he's the taboo's developer."

When talking about the Fireball spell, people could confidently say that modern magicians were much more proficient at casting it than the spell's original developer. This was because the Fireball spell had been modified and redefined countless times over the years. Compared to the original version of Fireball, the spell's modern version could exhibit significantly greater power while using a much smaller amount of mana. It was also much easier to manipulate than the original version.

However, it was a different story for taboos.

Taboos weren't toys. Not everyone could learn how to use taboos. In fact, even if one added up every individual capable of single-handedly casting taboos in the past ten thousand years, the number wouldn't exceed one thousand. Not to mention, even if an individual had the aptitude to learn and use taboos, it didn't necessarily mean they could come into contact with every taboo in existence.

Hence, taboos naturally couldn't be as popularized as a simple spell like Fireball, which, in turn, meant they wouldn't receive continuous improvements like the Fireball Spell. As a result, it was a common sight to see future generations being less proficient at a taboo than the taboo's developer.

Regardless, even after learning that the book in her hand was meant for the taboo Aspect Separation, Alice did not plan to cast it aside. On the contrary, she held up the book personally penned by the Fourth Demon King and began studying it earnestly, eager to discover the differences between the original copy and the elves' copy.

"This kid really is…"

Andusia shook her head and sighed in exasperation when she saw Alice immersing herself in her studies. Despite how young Alice looked, the way she treated magic reminded Andusia of the magic researchers she had met in the past.

However, Andusia didn't try to interrupt Alice's studies. Instead, after undoing the seal on the remaining books, she beckoned to Kamia and Gel with her hand before flying out of the secret room.

Gel knew Andusia wanted to say something to them but didn't want to disturb Alice. It just so happened that he similarly had many questions he wanted to ask Andusia. So, he followed Andusia out of the room without hesitation.

Gel also wasn't worried that Andusia would try to dispose of him. After all, with the frightening mana Andusia possessed, if the other party truly intended to harm him, he would be powerless to resist. Since Andusia hadn't taken action even until now, it should mean that she didn't harbor malicious intent toward him.

Kamia, on the other hand, turned to look at Alice after seeing Andusia beckoning to her. Because she had lost her mother from a young age, she felt an inexplicable sense of reliance toward Alice, the "Mama" she had inexplicably appeared in her life.

However, when Kamia saw her elder brother following Andusia out of the room, she hesitated for a moment before eventually leaving the room. After all, there was nothing she could do to help Alice by staying here. On the contrary, she might even disturb Alice's studies if she were to accidentally make some noise.

Because Kamia had taken her time leaving the secret room, Gel and Andusia had already returned to the castle's main hall before her. However, when Kamia arrived in the main hall, the scene that greeted her was a little outside of her expectations. Specifically, she saw her elder brother Gel inspecting the unconscious people in the hall with Andusia. Then, whenever they came across someone conscious, they would promptly give them the gift of unconsciousness.

Moreover, Gel and Andusia worked with great efficiency. During the short moment where Kamia stared in shock, she already saw her elder knocking two people unconscious.

Demons were a race that worshiped strength. In the demon realm, strength was the best reason one could have in almost every situation. Meanwhile, Gel's strength was outstanding even among the entire demon race. So, he didn't have any problems with striking these weaker demons. When he saw Kamia walking out of the secret passage, he even shouted:

"Kamia! Stop standing there and help us!"

There was nothing Gel could do about this situation. He had many questions he wanted to ask Andusia, such as how Alice had managed to find Demon King Grant's secret room, why Alice and Andusia could speak so casually about past Demon Kings, why they could seemingly learn taboos, and why…Andusia's name was identical to the Ninth Demon King's name.

However, Andusia had said that these were all secrets. Although she didn't mind sharing these secrets with him, they needed to ensure that nobody else could hear their conversation.

For the sake of satisfying his curiosity, Gel had no choice but to help Andusia inspect the unconscious people in the hall and ensure that they really were unconscious.

Although Kamia was having difficulty processing this situation, since it was a request from the elder brother she dearly loved and respected, she subconsciously stepped forward to help.

Novel Notes

Changing "mind magic" and all relevant terms to "spirit magic."


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