Chapter 19 - In the End, The Milu Rabbit Still Didn't Receive a Name
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 19 - In the End, The Milu Rabbit Still Didn't Receive a Name

After spreading misinformation on both the human and demon realms' social media platforms, Alice temporarily split up with Zauna.

Zauna went back to the Gryffin Church under Alice's behest to notify Father Kasandora that Alice had slipped out of the church. After all, even though Father Kasandora had somewhat forced the position of Hero onto Alice, he had provided ample care toward Alice the "Hero." Meanwhile, he would most likely fall into a panic if he suddenly discovered that Alice and Zauna had suddenly vanished from the second floor. Hence, Alice decided to have Zauna head back to notify Father Kasandora to avoid worrying the old priest.

There was also no need to worry about the possibility of the reporters crowding the church suspecting that Zauna might be related to the Hero. Nobody had noticed Alice and Zauna leaving the church. So, even if Zauna returned to the church now without concealing herself, nobody would think that she had been staying together with the Hero on the church's second floor around an hour ago.

As for Alice, she intended on familiarizing herself with Mana City and then seek out the thief-turned-paparazzi girl. It wouldn't be difficult to find the girl, either, since Alice had the girl's phone in her possession. There were some clues inside that could help her locate the other party.

After Zauna left, Alice found a remote corner in the Gryffin Forest and put down the Milu Rabbit hanging from her waist. Afterward, she visited a nearby stream, filled the cup she got from Zauna with water, and stood some distance away from the rabbit. Then, she aimed and splashed the cup of water onto the rabbit.

Alice's actions were a necessity. Whenever the Milu Rabbit regained consciousness, so long as Alice was anywhere near it, it would immediately find a suitable object to ram itself into unconsciousness. Hence, to prevent the little fellow from repeating this action, Alice had no choice but to wake it up from a distance.

Meanwhile, the Milu Rabbit's eyes snapped open and stood up when the cold river fell on its body. Then, it raised its furry paws and scratched its neck, seemingly surprised by the fact that there was no rope tied to itself. Afterward, it noticed Alice looking at itself from a distance.

Fortunately, probably because Alice was sufficiently far away, the Milu Rabbit did not ram itself against the nearest tree. Instead, it stared at Alice in confusion, wondering why the girl was staying so far away from itself.

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