Chapter 18 - Hero BOT
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"That will do."

After inserting the Hero's Sword into the soft ground, Alice held up her phone and took a picture of it.

As a side note, the sword's sealing magic continued working even after it was drawn from the special metal platform, so Alice could only wield the sword with her right hand. Otherwise, she would experience a strong sense of discomfort.

Zauna had also given wielding the Hero's Sword a try before, but she soon became drowsy and had to return the weapon to Alice.

Judging by this outcome, it was safe to say that the Hero's Sword could recognize the Hero. It was also because of this realization that Alice had brought the Hero's Sword to the Gryffin Forest for a photoshoot. So long as she photographed the sword together with the surrounding forest, she could trick others into believing that the Hero was in the Gryffin Forest.

To ensure they covered their tracks, Alice and Zauna only rode a taxi up to the Gryffin Forest's edge before continuing into the forest on foot. Then, after finding a remote corner, Alice took a photo of the Hero's Sword inserted into the dirt ground and surrounded by tall trees. No matter how advanced this world's technology was, there was no way the people here would set up surveillance cameras in a remote place such as the Gryffin Forest, right?

The likelihood of someone looking into the people traveling into the Gryffin Forest was also very low. Although the appearance of the Hero had indeed caused quite a commotion in the human realm recently, everyone still needed to continue with their lives. Hence, there were still plenty of mercenaries and magicians entering and leaving the Gryffin Forest at this time. And even if someone went to the trouble of looking into the people entering the Gryffin Forest, there was no way they would place their suspicion on an apprentice magician and an ordinary girl.

"Beginning my training to defeat the Demon King as soon as possible."

Alice posted a LINK with straightforward content using her Hero's account. Apart from the photo of the Hero's Sword inserted into the ground, the post only had a short sentence. Alice even included her current location in the post to make it more believable.

After sending out the LINK and diverting the public's attention, Alice drew the Hero's Sword from the ground and returned it to its unassuming scabbard. Then, she fled the forest together with Zauna.

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